Christmas Agape 2016

December 15, 2016 was Justin’s last day in school before Christmas break. It was also their Christmas Agape. That’s what they call their Christmas party in school. On Christmas Agape, the boys bring to school heir assigned food for sharing with classmates, as well as their Christmas presents to their classmates and teachers.

 photo P_20161215_064218_zpsyfmdqgxu.jpg

The early birds!

I accompanied my son to school to help him carry his gifts and assigned food and also to take pictures of him and his classmates before their homeroom adviser arrives.

 photo P_20161215_064239_zpsrf1abqro.jpg photo P_20161215_064259_zpsphqtbvta.jpg

They’re a cooperative lot, as you can see!

 photo P_20161215_070007_zpsxepghgr0.jpg

In this picture, he was just about ready to personally deliver his Christmas gifts to his dear teachers.

 photo P_20161215_160237_zpsm1d6ueje.jpg

And these were all the gifts he received from his classmates! He’s one happy boy!

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