Maritime Student Juelle Jade Espiritu Receives Funds from Western Union to Help Fishing Community in Mariveles, Bataan

Juelle Jade Espiritu, one of 2016’s Ten Outstanding Maritime Students (TOMS), was recently awarded with US$1000 by Western Union, a leader in global payments services. Juelle will use the money to install radar reflectors on small wooden fishing boats in Mariveles, Bataan. This award was given as part of Western Union’s global Chain of Betters campaign, which creates a chain of good deeds worldwide.

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Midshipman Juelle Jade B. Espiritu, 1cl, MAAP, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines

Because Juelle lives in Mariveles, Bataan and studies in a maritime school there, he knew all too well the harsh realities of life at sea. Fishermen sail on the vast open ocean to earn enough money to live, but they use small boats, which makes them almost invisible to large international merchant vessels frequenting the area, and this puts their lives at risk. If given a chance, Juelle wanted to improve the plight of these fishermen.

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To help the Mariveles fishing community, Juelle proposed the installation of radar reflectors made of recycled materials to wooden bancas (small fishing boats) to help large vessels detect on their radar the presence of these fishermen and hopefully avoid collisions.

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“Being one of Western Union’s TOMS has given me so much honor and pride,” said Espiritu. “Now that Western Union has given me the opportunity to help my community, I am excited to see fishermen use the radar reflectors and hope that will help keep them out of danger.”

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Chain of Betters is a global campaign developed by Western Union that supports initiatives in 35 countries. So far, it has supported 108 projects conceived by individuals who have inspiring stories to tell – from lighting up a whole village to helping make a child’s dream of becoming an airplane pilot come true. Interested individuals can share their ideas for good deeds at

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Mr. Hatem Sleiman, Western Union regional vice president

“We believe better things happen when money moves, which is why the Chain of Betters campaign funds projects from all over the world to help improve local communities,” said Hatem Sleiman, Western Union regional vice president, Middle East and Philippines. “Anyone can share their own ideas to hopefully become the next link in the campaign.”

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This Chain of Betters campaign is one of Western Union’s efforts to improve the lives of Filipinos. It also sponsors and manages the annual TOMS campaign to recognize and honor future seafarers.

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31 Responses to Maritime Student Juelle Jade Espiritu Receives Funds from Western Union to Help Fishing Community in Mariveles, Bataan

  1. Mariel C says:

    This is really a smart idea! I’m sure this will be a helpful device to all the fishermen out there who uses small boats.

  2. Macy Santos says:

    Kudos to Juelle. He is a true a genius with a kind heart.

  3. Berlin says:

    Such action is worthy of applauses and praises. I hope there would be a lot of Juelle in this country. Western Union also deserves recognition.

  4. Juvy Ann says:

    I salute corporations with advocacies that help elevate lives of communities in need. More power to Western Union.

  5. Pinknomenal says:

    Now that’s one admirable citizen! Not only is him an excellent seafarer, he also has a good impact to the community. 🙂

  6. Glad there are companies that share their blessings to ordinary people.. God bless you more Juelle!

  7. Inspiring stories like that of Juelle Jade is just what we need these days. This would be a great feature story in one of the newspapers. It also showcases the corporate social responsibility of a company. 🙂

  8. Lhourdes Mercadero says:

    Western Union is doing a great job helping a lot of people.Kudos to Juelle

  9. May Palacpac says:

    This is a great project and I’m glad he received funding for it. Yes, I believe we should support our fishermen and our farmers. I believe in technology and the advancement of it, but I also think that it’s wise to build on what we already have – lands and seas.

  10. Liz Alberto says:

    Salute to Juelle and Western Union! I hope more corporations will help our local fishermen to improve their livelihood because they do a very important role to our society.

  11. What a brilliant mind this kid has! Western Union definitely gave a deserving award to a deserving leader. I hope he continues to do more social projects in his lifetime.

  12. That’s a brilliant idea! Congratulations to him! Just last week, we were in Bagac, Bataan. Everytime I go there, I always spend time to just look at the great South China sea, it’s amazing. I’m glad people like Jeulle Jade is gifted with smart ideas to help the fishermen.

  13. Congratulations! This is really a good idea. I salute this corporation for sharing their blessings to others. I know it’s very helpful.

  14. Ayi says:

    This is a great campaign. So many Filipinos are in need of help. Instead of focusing and wasting money on senseless investigations, I hope we will focus more on causes like this 🙂

  15. Brilliant! It’s so admirable when those who have the least are still able to think of helping others. Kudos to such a man and to Western Union as well for coming up with this award.

  16. Nerisa says:

    A scientist in the making. We should hone talents like this.

  17. Dew says:

    Great job, Western Union! It’s always great to give back. And to Juelle Jade, pay it forward. 🙂

  18. Neri Ann says:

    It’s always admirable when a person helps those who really needs it. Kudos to you Juelle!

  19. EINz says:

    That’ good to know… giving back to the community and having a mission provides a meaningful life journey.

  20. grace says:

    Wow! He’s really a blessing to his area! Kudos to Juelle and I hope you could inspire more youth 🙂

  21. TweenselMom says:

    Our fishermen do need help. The fishing industry is continuously suffering because of increasing numbers of typhoons, oil spillage etcetera. I hope WU continues this kind of advocacy and reach even those from the farthest areas of the country.

  22. grace says:

    Wow, kudos Juele! Hope you inspire more youth 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this, it’ll give hope to our generation

  23. Michelle says:

    Wow. Juelle did a pretty great job in there! It’s such a novel act from a young man. Sana dumami pa ang katulad nya. 🙂

  24. Janice says:

    Love this campaign! I haven’t heard much being done about the plight of our fishermen. Glad that there’s this wonderful student who thought of helping them. So inspiring!

  25. Liz A says:

    This is such a great campaign by Western Union – to support initiatives such as this. I hope more private institutions will look into doing similar campaigns but more than that, I do hope that our local government will provide support and funding for this kinds of initiatives as well. Afterall, our own country will benefit from it.

  26. I hope Juelle’s initiative will receive more support from the government and the NGO’s, to somehow ease the lives of those fishermen…

  27. This is heartwarming. We need more companies who will do CSR or similar projects for the less privileged.

  28. Wow! What agreat move…he isn’t just smart but kind hearted too. It’ll surely help a lot of people. Kudos!

  29. May Castillo says:

    Kudos to Western Union for helping deserving students like Juelle. I hope they will continue this very remarkable endeavor.

  30. Mommy Levy says:

    WOW! Kudos to Juelle for coming up with this idea to help his people in Bataan and thank you for private companies like Western Union for helping him.

  31. Kudos to Juelle for coming up with such a great idea and Kudos to Western Union for supporting him.

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