LSGH Christmas Fair 2016

The LSGH Christmas Fair 2016 was held last Saturday at the St. Benilde Gym. Grade 5’s batch performance was slated in the late afternoon, but the boys had to be in their classroom at 2:00 p.m. for the checking of attendance. The Christmas Fair is considered a regular school day, and since it falls on a Saturday, the boys won’t have to report to class the following Monday in exchange for that day. In the previous years, the Christmas Fair was celebrated with a Lantern Parade, but this year, the boys performed without the usual DIY’d lanterns.

The boys practiced the entire week for their batch dance for this year’s Christmas Fair, and their efforts paid off. Good job, boys, for a wonderful performance!

Part of the Christmas Fair was the Christmas Bazaar where our son got some Pokeballs. There’s also the Christmas Grand Raffle, but we didn’t win as usual. Lol!

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