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If there’s one thing tourists look forward to doing when they’re in Hong Kong, that’s to shop till they drop. Leisure travelers, shoe and bag lovers, beauty and make-up junkies, gadget aficionados and bargain hunters are all drawn to the city’s plush malls, bustling street markets and shopping streets, and busy souvenir shops. Being a shopper’s paradise, Hong Kong has about any product you can think of.


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To be honest, I’m one of those excited to visit Hong Kong, especially now that all three of us (hubby, me and son) already have our passports. It might take a while, though, before we could schedule a trip there since we have our son’s classes and my husband’s office work to consider. For now, I console myself with the fact that I can still have a taste of Hong Kong through the kindness of a high school classmate and friend who now lives in Hong Kong with her family.

Every time I get an itch to buy something special for a loved one or for myself, I send my friend a picture of the item which she gladly finds for me. Nope, she doesn’t shoulder the expenses for the stuff I ask her to buy. Instead, I remit money from the Philippines to Hong Kong through Western Union, and I do that through Western Union’s Direct to Bank Service. The steps are easy:
(1) First, I visit a Western Union location and fill out a Direct to Bank Form.
(2) I then present the completed form together with the funds I’m sending including transaction fee.
(3) Once I receive the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), I notify my friend that she will receive the money in her bank account in a few days. Service-level agreement (SLA) differs per country/bank.
(4) For transfer fees and countries covered by Direct to Bank service, you can visit their website.

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As you can see, I can shop in Hong Kong without leaving the country through the help of my friend and Western Union. You, too, can have that luxury. Wherever you are in the world, there’s a Western Union branch near you, so sending money abroad for whatever reason (paying bills, supporting your family, or even shopping) will never be a problem.

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