Grade 5 First Quarter Awards

I got Justin’s Report Card for the First Quarter of School Year 2016-2017 last September 16. He was a bit sad because he only made it to the Second Honors list. That’s because he got a grade lower than 94 in one subject, which is his most challenging subject so far this Grade 5.

 photo DSCN6219_zps1eoksiep.jpg

Aside from making it to the Second Honors list, he also received certificates of merit for Outstanding Conduct and Perfect Attendance for the First Quarter.

 photo DSCN6212_zpsivp7wzjk.jpg

Congratulations, Justin! We’re so proud of you! Continue doing your best as you enjoy learning and being with your classmates and teachers every school day. We love you, anak!

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4 Responses to Grade 5 First Quarter Awards

  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    That’s really amazing! It’s always so rewarding when you see your child progress in school. You must feel proud!

  2. Great job for your son, I see proud mom right there. To have achiever children is such a great blessing!

  3. Job well done . Ang galing ng anak mo. Kanino kay nagmana/

  4. Anne says:

    Congratulations Justin, don’t worry I am sure will get to the first on the 2nd quarter

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