The Joy of Art Maki by Jannet and Bubble Man: A 2-in-1 Event

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School days for me are so hectic because I’m without a helper for almost three years now. Friends in the blogging industry who are aware of this know that I seldom attend events when school opens because I’m one busy and tired momma. But for a dear friend, I’ll definitely make an exception. So when Joy Mendiola invited me to attend The Joy of Art Maki by Jannet and Bubble Man event, an event she herself organized, I said yes without hesitation. I personally had to greet Joy on her birthday and hand her my gift, albeit without a wrapper. See how busy I am? Lol! I’m really glad I was there because I got to do something that I didn’t think I could do, make my very first rice sushi. I also got to take home a basketful of a promising household product (Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid) that moms like me will find a practical use for in our homes.

About Joy

I first met Joy in Tintin Bersola-Babao’s event many years back. We would also often bump into each other in blog events. Our sons, Juan and Justin, would eventually become events buddies as Joy and I would often bring them with us in our blog events.

 photo DSCN5503_zpskstvzgau.jpg

Joy is cool, confident, funny and a beautiful person inside and out. She is a happy wife and a proud mom of three good-looking children. A former HR Recruitment and and Training Specialist and Marketing Supervisor, she is now an events consultant of Occasions of Joy Events and a joyful lifestyle blogger of

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

 photo DSCN5551_zpscdib0fko.jpg

It wasn’t the first time I saw Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid. I’ve read reviews of this product from other blogs, and I’m also excited to try it. Watch out for my review soon.

 photo DSCN5516_zpscur69zvp.jpg

Ms. Jen Dizon from Mikewell World of Household Products Company talks about Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a biodegradable eco-friendly product so it’s safe for the environment. Prices are quite affordable at Php32.50 (55 ml), Php65.00 (20 ml), and Php120.00 (880 ml).

 photo DSC_5903_zpsgd0ngtzs.jpg

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products Company that’s available in local supermarkets nationwide. Visit their FB page for more details.

Art Maki by Jannet Salazar

First of all, I eat sushi and maki rolls, but I have no idea how to make them. That dilemma was solved when Ms. Jannet Salazar (Instagram: @jannet65) taught our small group how to create rice sushi.

 photo DSCN5532_zpsjo7sjr9g.jpg
 photo DSCN5521_zpschv3sbwe.jpg

Top to bottom: Ms. Jannet Salazar, certified art maki instructor, with husband Alvin; some of her sushi creations

Jannet is a hands-on mom and housewife who owns a photo booth business and does arts and crafts on the side. She is also into food art, documenting her creations through photography. Jannet is also the first Filipina art maki instructor certified by the Japan Sushi Instructors Association (JSIA). She completed her certification course at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Japan.

 photo DSCN5547_zpsugawrw5q.jpg

Look at this Flower of Peach that I made. Not bad for a first timer, huh?

 photo DSC_5887_zpswepjqg2f.jpg

And here’s me proudly showing off my creation with the maki expert herself.

 photo DSC_5897_zpsyadgg29g.jpg

Visit Jannet’s FB page to know more about food art and see more of her awesome creations.

The Joy of Art Maki and Bubble Man event was held at Tokyo Café located at the lobby of GoHotels in Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong. Tokyo Café serves great coffee and delicious authentic Euro-Japanese cuisine. You may reach them at this number: (02) 477-3844.

 photo DSC_5941_zpsk6ljwmsk.jpg

Because I needed to get home before my son arrived from school, I had to leave the event ahead of time, so I missed enjoying the food and chit-chat with the rest of the group, but I still got to enjoy my Loco Moco from Tokyo Café. It was good!

Thanks for inviting us to this event, Joy! Until the next!

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14 Responses

  1. Aww! too bad this event conflicted with my other schedule. I like Joy, she’s like a ray of sunshine with all her positive aura! hope to see her again soon!

  2. I have most of the ingredients and tools for making maki, but I haven’t tried it yet. I feel I need an undisturbed time to make it. haha..No distractions while making it. =) The maki designs look really cute. =)

  3. I don’t know if I would love Maki, I’m not so much into Japanese food, the last time I tried, I didn’t like the black (I don’t even know what it’s called). This looks like a really nice event. And the bubble man dwashing liquid of course, I’d love to try that out. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fun event. I’d love to learn how to make maki. We also just started using Bubble Man here at home. Lovin’ it so far. 🙂

  5. The family loves maki and my father-in-law always remind me to take a course on how to make maki. He wanted us to have a maki business kasi. Sana may next time!

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