Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids & Families and Oil Pastel Workshop at The Crafters Marketplace

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My son and I were part of a small group of mommy bloggers and kids who went to The Crafters Marketplace in Shangri-La Plaza Mall yesterday for these back-to-back activities: Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids & Families and Oil Pastel Workshop by Ian de Jesus.

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Ms. Alma Ramirez, one of the founders of The Crafters Marketplace, personally welcomed us to their cozy nook near Rustan’s Supermarket where their art workshops are held. She also showed us their shop where crafters and craft lovers will find the stuff they need and want, among other things.

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Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids & Families

Because it is summer, kids these days, my son included, have a lot of time to use the computers or mobile devices to play, watch YouTube videos or chat with friends. This makes me more paranoid than ever knowing all too well the dangers that lurk online. That’s the main reason why I was eager to attend this event. I wanted my 9-year-old son to get educated more on the dangers of the internet and to know how to keep himself safe online at home, in school or elsewhere.

 photo DSCN5106_zpschpfbyzl.jpg

Ms. Alma gave an informative talk to both the kids and their moms on Trend Micro’s Click Right advocacy which aims to keep the internet safe for kids and families. Trend Micro Incorporated is a global leader in security software.

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Some of the online safety tips shared during the talk that my son and I remembered where as follows:
• Do not give out personal information like name, age, address, school, etc.
• Do not share your password/s to anyone, except to your parents.
• Do not talk to strangers online.
• Never click suspicious links.
• If you find a particular website disturbing, close it immediately.

Oil Pastel Workshop by Ian de Jesus

After the informative talk on internet safety, the kids were ready for their Oil Pastel Workshop with Teacher Ian de Jesus.

 photo DSCN5145_zpsxaufx8cq.jpg

Teacher Ian showed the kids what oil pastels are and taught them color blending techniques.

 photo DSCN5163_zpsyecebyt7.jpg

The kids were then asked to come up with their own oil pastel drawing on how to make the internet a safer place for them.

 photo DSCN5179_zps0kxazmbh.jpg

And here are the kids proudly showing off their finished work!

 photo DSCN5180_zps25nxxw4l.jpg

That’s my son Justin the middle with his friends Abi and Juan.

 photo DSCN5178_zpskwz6h1ae.jpg

And here’s another photo of him with Teacher Ian this time (and with their photobomber, Ian Veneracion. Lol!).

 photo DSCN5134_zpscivawo4z.jpg

Ms. Alma with the moms and kids who trooped to The Crafters Marketplace yesterday

You and your kids might be interested to try The Crafters Marketplace creative workshops which include the calligraphy, water color, felt crafts, polymer clay, scrapbooking, card making, children’s art and Zen doodling.

 photo DSCN5097_zpswdeatar7.jpg

Their summer art schedule started last April 4 and will run until May 21, 2016.

The Crafters Marketplace
Rustan’s Grocery
Lower Ground Level
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City
For inquiries, call: 0926 623-1284
FB page:

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10 Responses

  1. You mommies have been busy. I would love to visit the Crafters Marketplace. It looks so cool I couls spend houra here just making “butingting”.

  2. Too bad we missed these activities. I have three kids who could use reminders about Internet safety. It’s a very important topic.

  3. Such an informative workshop. I guess its very essential for kids to know the essentials on internet safety. Most of them, though parents remind them everyday not to talk to strangers, still entertain strangers because they are kids and are somehow gullible.

  4. Internet safety is really a big deal specially for kids. Glad to hear that they have workshops for that since most are not that aware yet of the dangers of the internet when not used properly.

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