Presenting the Newest Eden Mommy: Mommy Star!

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We had a fun, perky and entertaining morning yesterday at 25 Mushrooms Kitchen, Valle Verde, Pasig City as we all got to meet the newest Eden mommy: Mommy Star! Discovered by Eden Cheese through social media, Mommy Star embodies the brand with her fun and cheerful character, love for cooking, and knack for coming up with cheesy delights.

 photo DSCN5317_zps5jddrqih.jpg

Mommy Star is the newest Eden mommy!

Eden’s #ThisIsHowYouNanay event was hosted by the lovely and equally lively Ms. Gelli Victor.

 photo DSCN5272_zpsv9uv93dw.jpg

A star since birth, Mommy Star has always lived up to her name. She is a hands-on single mom to her one and only daughter Mariam whom she entertains by singing her heart out and by dancing like no one’s watching. Mommy Star also became famous online through her kwela videos about the most random life hacks and helpful tips and tricks. Fans and followers alike have grown fond of her funny antics. There is really no dull moment when you are with Mommy Star!

 photo DSCN5201_zpse6k6akr7.jpg

A star in her own right, Mommy Star has attracted the attention of fellow social media stars who have collaborated with her in an episode for their respective channels. She has also been guesting in several TV shows, plus more and more mommies on social media get hooked on her helpful parenting advices and mommy hacks.

 photo DSCN5226_zpswkkwc66b.jpg

One of Mommy Star’s most favorite topics that she shares on her FB page and through her vlogs is cooking. She makes sure that meal times are more fun and creative for her daughter. She knows the importance of keeping food exciting so that kids will always look forward to mealtimes and eat plenty.

 photo DSCN5280_zpsogxledrn.jpg

Mommy Star whipping up her Cheesy Tilapia dish

“My daughter is not picky eater but napansin ko na (I noticed that) she does not eat as much when I serve her food that she has eaten many times before,” shared Mommy Star.

 photo DSCN5315_zps0o28ksch.jpg

“There was a time I was just watching TV and I came across the recipe sharing commercial of Eden. Doon ko natuklasan yung Cheesy Tilapia at talagang na-curious ako nang bongga! Eh di ayun, ginawa ko at sobrang nagustuhan ng anak ko. Nakakatuwa talaga kasi madali lang siyang gawin, pero special talaga.” (I discovered the Cheesy Tilapia recipe while watching TV and I got curious. I tried making it and I was so happy that my daughter loved it. I especially like it because while it’s easy to make, it’s also a special recipe.)

center> photo DSCN5316_zps9hktcz2t.jpg
I’m sure all mommy bloggers present at the event have learned a tip or two from Mommy Star. Now, we can all take ordinary, everyday dishes to the next level by using Eden Cheese.

 photo DSCN5318_zpsmkomx8ma.jpg

“We’re happy we found Mommy and hope that she will be an inspiration for other mothers to be their own kitchen superstar. We’re very excited about this project and look forward to seeing mommies everywhere share their own Eden Cheese recipes,” shared Nikki Paras, Assistant Brand Manager for Eden Cheese Philippines.

 photo DSCN5322_zpsqd7qynbs.jpg

Nikki Paras, Assistant Brand Manager for Eden Cheese Philippines

Eden Cheese can turn any ordinary dish into an extraordinary meal — cheesier and healthier. Whether it’s a classic Filipino staple like pritong tilapia or a party must-have like sweet spaghetti, add Eden Cheese and these everyday dishes can become instant hits again. Eden Cheese is a product of Mondelez Philippines.

 photo DSCN5333_zpswed41mfg.jpg

Mommy Star and daughter Mariam

Like Mommy Star, all of us mommies can make meal times extra yummy, extra cheesy and extraordinary for the whole family with Eden Cheese.

 photo DSCN5208_zpsu9wry35j.jpg

Photo opp with Mommy Star

Visit the following links to know more about Eden Cheese:
Facebook Page:

And get to know Mommy Star by visiting her her FB page and YouTube channel:
Facebook Page –
YouTube –

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19 Responses

  1. I’m not sure why I haven’t really known about Mommy Star until I saw some posts on this event in my newsfeed. She sounds like an interesting person to follow. We’re Eden cheese fans, too, so perfect!

  2. I will search for Mommy Star’s blog and watch her videos too. Looking through your photos, she seems to be a happy and kalog person. I was surprised and actually doubtful if that cheesy tilapia in Eden’s TV ad would taste yummy. I haven’t tried doing it but our family enjoys our breakfast with hot pan de sal and slices of Eden cheese! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Who wouldn’t love that name, Star? It just sounds so lovely. And my son is also a big fan of cheese. If I want him to eat something, I almost always need to add cheese to it!

  4. I need to search on Mummy Star! 🙂 But talking about cheese, I frequently use Eden’s Meltsarap. In fact, I’ll be whipping out a one-pot chicken meatball pasta using it tomorrow.

  5. I checked her Youtube channel and she’s so nakakaaliw! Her happiness is contagious hehe.

    My son loves Eden Cheese. Everything we go grocery shopping, he will definitely pick Eden.

  6. We use Eden cheese for our omelet and spaghetti, for our menudo and cheese stick. Its the brand my mom uses and if my mom trusts Eden, so do I.

  7. I love cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese!? Hehehe! Checked Mommy Star’s youtube channel, she’s funny! Hehe 😉

  8. I don’t know Mommy Star yet. Now I am curious who she is, I’ll check her YouTube channel later. I am glad to know you’ve enjoy the event.

  9. I love Eden cheese!! I usully go for the Eden Melt because I use that in cooking tomato-based and pasta dishes as well. Now I feel like toasting a bread with cheese right now because of your post. I miss the toasted melted cheese on top of a toasted bread! 🙂

  10. This is the first time I’ve heard of Mommy Star. But I think it makes sense why Eden chose her to be the latest Eden mommy. I also love any recipe with cheese in it. So I gotta check Eden’s recipes!

  11. I haven’t heard about her but Mommy Star sure looks perky in the picture! To bw honest, my husband and I thought the cheesy tilapia wasn’t appetizing when we saw it in the commercial coz it reminded us of a wound infection gushing out (nana in tagalog). Apologies to those eating. Haha

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