Support Your Presidential Bet through 7-Eleven’s 7-Election 2016

We were at Bounce Events Ground in Dansalan, Mandaluyong yesterday for the media launch of 7-Election 2016.

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7-Election 2016 is 7- Eleven’s informal and unofficial presidential poll involving not vote-counting machines but GULP® softdrinks and GULP® juices in colorful GULP® cups. 7-Election 2016 aims to promote awareness about the coming Philippine Presidential Election and runs in all 7-Eleven stores until May 2. It’s a really fun way to vote, if you’d ask me!

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The event was hosted by Tuesday Vargas who literally brought the house down with her funny antics and hilarious punch lines.

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Versatile and talented comedian, actor and impersonator Jon Santos (sppoffing PNoy) likewise entertained the crowd with his new political comedy about the presidential aspirants.

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Voting through 7-Election 2016 is exciting because it allows you to do the following:

1. Have fun while voting!
It’s not easy to choose the next president of the Philippines. We all have to think carefully before we vote. The good news is that we can all have fun while informally participating in the 7-Election 2016 presidential polls.

2. Campaign for your presidential candidate online.
You can use those beautifully designed cups to campaign for your presidential bet by posting your chosen cups in all your social media accounts with the hashtag #7Election.

3. Everyone can vote.
Minors, foreigners and those who weren’t able to register for the 2016 elections can cast their votes in the 7-Election 2016! You can even vote multiple times!

4. Encourage others to vote.
This simple and fun activity can help you encourage – or pressure – your friends to make the choice. In your own small way, you can raise awareness for the elections that will shape the future of this country.

5. Monitor your candidate’s standing every week.
7-Election 2016 lets you know how your candidate fares with other presidential aspirants. Just visit any 7-Eleven store every Friday as all stores are scheduled to update poll results by then. You can also log on to to check daily updates.

6. Buy votes, literally.
With 7-Election 2016, you can literally buy votes. If you want your presidential bet to get a high standing on the polls, then buy your whole family – even your kids – cups of the same candidate. All your votes will be counted individually.

7. Vote, gulp and enjoy!
Voting has never been this fun! With 7-Election 2016, you can support your presidential candidate and refresh yourself at the same time with your favorite drinks using specially-designed 7-Eleven GULP®.

Here’s how you can vote:

1. Go to any 7-Eleven store, look for the colorful 7-Election cups, and choose the candidate you’re rooting from among the five different presidential GULP® cups featuring the following presidential candidates: independent candidate Grace Poe, People’s Reform Party leader Miriam Defensor Santiago, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas, PDP-Laban presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte and United Nationalist Alliance bet Jejomar Binay.

2. If you aren’t sure yet whom to vote for, just pick up the sixth 7-Election GULP® cup – the “Undecided” cup – and cast your vote. This option, showing how many Filipinos are undecided, reflects the pulse of the nation.

3. After selecting your candidate, fill up your cup with either GULP® softdrinks or GULP® juice and have the barcode found in your cup scanned at the cashier. One (1) scanned barcode is equivalent to one (1) vote. Your vote will then be counted in that week’s 7-Election poll. You can verify your vote through the receipt which reflects your presidential choice.

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7-Eleven Philippines started this fun and unofficial poll in 2010 when it successfully predicted President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s win. It was inspired by 7-Election U.S. which, through the help of 7-Eleven Coffee, accurately predicted the wins of George W. Bush over John Kerry in the 2004 Election and Barack Obama over John McCain in the 2008 Election.

Rappler and CNN Philippines are tThe official media partners of 7-Election 2016.

For more information, visit or follow its Facebook page (, Twitter ( and Instagram (@711ph).

Every GULP counts. Let the voice of the GULP generation be heard. Vote now!

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17 Responses to Support Your Presidential Bet through 7-Eleven’s 7-Election 2016

  1. Yeah, this is actually very innovative. I remember when I still go to the office, my officemates and I would really pick and collect the cups of the presidentiable of our choice. XD

    Did they say if the winners through their cups correspond to the real winner? 😀

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    This makes the elections a little less serious but it’s also nice to be able to promote your favored candidate. I hope the people don’t turn this into something serious, otherwise it would be a real disaster.

  3. I bet it was fun to watch them. Malapit na election dyan ano Ate?

  4. Will miss the election this year but hope others will use their votes wisely…

  5. I used to buy cup drinks at 7-11 before with my preferred candidate. I find this gimmick entertaining and at the same time informative as we get to see voters’ preference.

  6. Nini Perez says:

    Fun way to survey!

  7. This is such a clever idea. I haven’t tried it myself yet but I do see it a lot in social media. Hoping for good and clean elections on May.

  8. Louisa says:

    I’ve been frustrated with 7-11. Been there 2 times and both times there machine wasn’t working so I couldn’t get my Duterte cup! Hopefully it’s available next time I visit!

  9. Pearl P. says:

    I have been seeing these cups a lot on social media but I haven’t gotten 1 for myself yet haha..the next time i’ll pass by 7 11 will check on it and see which cups are sold out haha and might get 1 too

  10. Mommy Anna says:

    I wanted to buy one for Duterte also, I don’t have time lang

  11. Mhaan A says:

    I find this campaign useful this coming election. Makikita mo talaga sino ang pipiliin ng masa through those cup drinks. What a brilliant marketing move!

  12. Nina Sogue says:

    Such a brilliant marketing campaign. I think they had a similar one before?

  13. Ang galing ng campaign ng 7-11 ha. Makaunta nga bukas at makabili ng slurpee.

  14. May Palacpac says:

    Fun nga haha! I’ve also seen cups na mejo similar in a kiosk in Market Market. I forgot what store it was.

  15. Denice Diaz says:

    I recall buying cups for Gibo way back when I was in college. In fairness in the diliman area near UP Gibo yung number one. Sad to say I don’t have a president yet so I can’t support any presidential candidate just yet.

  16. Ayi says:

    I haven’t been to 7-11 yet. Now I wonder who’s winning? 🙂

  17. Donna says:

    This sure is a fun way to conduct survey. Hihi!

    Ugh, now I want gulp ? ang init kasi.

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