Dewi Sri Farm: A Relaxation Haven in Victoria, Laguna

For someone who was born and raised in the city and who is raising her son the same way, living the farm life even for just a day is inconceivable. Well, yes, we know how farm living looks like from the movies we watch or the books we read, but experiencing it firsthand is definitely one for the books and an opportunity we will not pass up. The chance to see a real farm finally came last Friday, April 28, when I was invited, along with other mommy bloggers and their kids, to visit Dewi Sri Farm (Dewi Sri) in Victoria, Laguna.

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The lovely mommies who visited Dewi Sri Farm with their kids

Dewi Sri Farm is a Bali-inspired haven for those seeking rest, relaxation and peace of mind away from the busy city life. It is a true working farm nestled in Victoria, Laguna that offers weary minds and bodies the serenity and tranquility of the rustic life.

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See the glorious sunlight through the trees, marvel at the ambient sounds of the outdoors, listen to the song of the breeze, and lull yourself to sleep in a cozy hammock. You’ll then wake up feeling refreshed and ready to indulge in Dewi Sri’s healthy and delicious meals.

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Travel time from Ortigas to Victoria, Laguna took around three (3) hours. We were welcomed by Ms. Elaine Dominguez, Dewi Sri’s lovely and gracious Marketing & Special Events Manager.

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Our view from the Poolside Pavilion


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Dewi Sri’s fauna is very lush. The place is filled with fruit-bearing trees, flowers and ornamental plants.


Dewi Sri offers both day tour with swimming and lunch for Php450 per head and overnight accommodations in the Bali Villa, Java Hut and Sunda Dormitory.

Bali Villa

 photo DSCN4181_zpsophakhaz.jpg photo DSCN4184_zpsgltz1cwi.jpg

Bali Villa (4 rooms): Php3,900, 2 persons per room (maximum of 12 persons, with additional charge per head)
Bali Villa Loft: Php6000 for 4 persons (maximum of 6 persons, with additional charge per head)

Java Hut

 photo DSCN4133_zpsfnmeri8n.jpg

Java Hut is good for 10 people (maximum 15 persons, with additional charge per head).

 photo DSCN4125_zpsariudg9d.jpg  photo DSCN4124_zpsj8zduoaw.jpg
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Rate per person for Java Hut is Php1,350.

Sunda Dormitory

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The Sunda Dormitory is good for 20 people.

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Rate of Sunda Dormitory is Php950 per head.


Dewi Sri offers many activities for young and old alike. Guests can feed the animals, ride the rakit, swim in the pool and learn about hydrophonics farming.

Animal Feeding

 photo DSCN4069_zpsgnhu1rhx.jpg  photo DSCN4086_zpsl00dylta.jpg
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Our kids had fun feeding the rabbits, goats, and fowls at Dewi Sri.

 photo DSCN4082_zpsqrdh6y4u.jpg photo DSCN4103_zpstigdhrci.jpg

It’s actually Justin’s first time to hold a rabbit and touch a chicken.

 photo DSCN4101_zpscehq6kzl.jpg

Isn’t that lovely?

Rakit Ride

 photo DSCN4155_zpsykb1gg9g.jpg

Another first for my son is riding the rakit. “Rakit” is the Indonesian word for “raft.”


 photo DSCN4195_zps82dhbj4t.jpg

The blazing sun didn’t stop our kids (and fellow moms) from having a dip in the pool.

Hydrophonics Farming

 photo DSCN4297_zps2ep39aae.jpg photo P_20160408_171551_zpsjrd2jmyg.jpg

Here, the kids were taught how to harvest and plant hydrophonics spinach.

 photo DSCN4300_zpsxzarycym.jpg

That’s my son proudly showing his spinach harvest!


Oh, the food at Dewi Sri is delicious! They serve authentic Indonesian and Thai cuisines.

 photo DSCN4078_zpscksy2r2v.jpg  photo DSCN4079_zpsrepr8gsv.jpg
 photo DSCN4080_zpstyuor0v6.jpg  photo DSCN4077_zpsa1o2hrif.jpg

For breakfast, we had Vegetable Spring Rolls, Ikan Bilis, Krupuk, Pineapple Fried Rice and Fresh Fruit Juice (mix of papaya, watermelon and pineapple).

 photo DSCN4164_zpsxixumxsf.jpg

Our lunch consisted of Crispy Indonesian Gourami Fillet with Sambal Manga, Yellow Chicken, Spinach & Egg Drop Soup and Coffee Jelly for dessert.

 photo DSCN4277_zpshme8ofdu.jpg

Finally, we had Mie Ayam Kuah with Pangsit for our afternoon snacks.

 photo P_20160408_155112_zpshasc4fio.jpg

Breville Philippines likewise held juicing demonstrations during our tour of Dewi Sri Farm, but that deserves another post, so watch out for that!

 photo DSCN4308_zpsnyke3gdr.jpg

And before we went home, we were all given these lovely tokens: Dee’s Gourmet Popcorn (yummy!), Brazil Spa Face Mist and Lip Balm (I like!) and Breville mug and apron (for my son).

 photo DSCN4291_zpsnzic2esl.jpg

Ms. Elaine with the kids

Our kids had so much fun! Thank you so much, Dewi Sri Farm and Ms. Elaine, for having us!

Dewi Sri Farm
Victoria, Laguna
4011 Philippines
For reservations, call: +632 211-0932; +6349 576-2651; +63917 524-5155

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13 Responses to Dewi Sri Farm: A Relaxation Haven in Victoria, Laguna

  1. My husband is currently assigned in Laguna, but we’ve never been here! LOL. Thanks for sharing- I will definitely visit this with the family. 🙂

  2. Berlin says:

    I super like this for our family. I hope husband would spare some time for us to visit this place. My other boy still has school and hopefully after exams we can finally set sked. Thanks for this.

  3. Denice Diaz says:

    Looks super family friendly! Must convince my brother to have a vacay here soon with the whole fambam!

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  5. I have only been to Laguna once and loved it. This form looks beautiful!

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    Farms are always so beautiful, they are one of the best places to go to for a stress free vacation. I love that gazebo in the middle of the flowers! The pool is lovely as well. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  7. Mommy Pehpot says:

    I want to visit this farm!

    Sobrang interesting ng mga activities sa loob ng farm. I wonder kung may charge ang kids sa room

  8. Michelle says:

    It seems like a nice place to unwind! Not too far away from the Metro. Sana ma-visit rin namin ng family and friends ko… One of these days. 🙂

  9. Mhaan A says:

    Another paradise in the South. I used to live in Sta. Rosa and I went to Victoria once palang ata. This farm is perfect for family vacation. Will definitely consider this for our next family trip.

  10. Maan says:

    The resort looks so enchanting! If ever I find myself in Laguna soon, I’ll see to it to check this place out.

  11. Ganda ng place grabe. And near also. Must visit.

  12. tony says:

    Can you give us the direction going to Dewi SRI Farm? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi! I’m not really good at giving directions, so I suggest you contact them directly. Their contact details are found at the bottom of my blog post.

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