Lenten Recollection and Easter Egg Hunt at Greenhills Promenade

Everyone is invited to a Lenten Recollection and Easter Egg Hunt at Greenhills Promenade. On Holy Wednesday, March 23, popular retreat master Fr. Larry Faraon O.P. will conduct another stirring recollection at Teatrino to bring Christ’s Passion and Death closer to the lives of the faithful. On Easter Sunday, March 27, the Promenade will host another fun and exciting Easter Egg Hunt as the Risen Christ removes the pall of gloom with the joy of His glorious Resurrection.

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From 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. on March 23, Fr. Larry will take retreatants on “A Journey of Presence, Sacrifice and Communion,” focusing on the wonder of the words “…and He dwelt among us” – the special privilege we all have because God became man, lived on earth to work wonders and redeemed us from sin.

Fr. Larry said, “In this year of the Special Jubilee of God’s Mercy and Compassion, the Eucharist comes out as the perfect example of such mercy. The abiding presence of Christ in the Eucharist is God’s expression of ‘being with’ his people especially in challenging times. The sacrifice on the cross of His son Jesus commemorated in the Eucharist brings forgiveness, the ultimate act of God’s mercy and compassion. In holy communion, which is the result of the eucharistic activity, God’s mercy and compassion is shared in fellowship and charity. We shall share with each other the richness of God’s mercy and compassion in the retreat.”

“The Music Museum group started the tradition of the Lenten Recollection at Teatrino in 2010. It is our simple but meaningful way of sharing God’s word and His love with our mall goers. It is our spiritual gift to everyone who has made us truly blessed through the years,” shared MMGI President Precy M. Florentino.

“We want to spread the happiness of Easter to everyone as well. So on Easter Sunday, March 27, we will also celebrate the most important Christian feast, which is Christ’s Resurrection, via our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Did you know that the word Easter comes from the Latin word oestre which means egg?” she asked.

The Lenten Recollection is on a first come-first served basis, and reservations may be made through 721-6726 and 722-4535 loc. 116. The Easter Egg Hunt happens right after the Easter Sunday Mass at 10:30 a.m.

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