Review of Theodore’s Poofume, Cologne for Your Throne

A bottle of alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl) is a staple in our bathroom. I use it mainly to disinfect our toilet bowl after “letting go,” that is, I usually pour some of it into the toilet bowl to eliminate any trace of my recent activity. It looks like I won’t be doing that anymore because I received a gift from a friend last Christmas that was specifically made for that purpose.

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Theodore’s Poofume (120ml), Php295.50

Product Description
Theodore’s Poofume is aptly called “Cologne for Your Throne.” Its combination of essential oils creates a barrier that traps the odor under the surface.

Purified water, Castille soap, alcohol, and a special blend of essential oils

How to Use
1. Shake well then spray 6 to 8 squirts of Theodore’s Poofume on the water surface of the toilet bowl.
2. Poo leisurely.

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What We Like about Theodore’s Poofume
• The product label is attractive. It uses vibrant colors, varying fonts, with matching poetry to boot.
• It’s all-natural, so it’s safe to use.
• It smells so nice.
• The scent lasts even after you flush the toilet.
• It’s a practical gift for family, friends and co-workers.
• The price is worth it.

Where to Purchase
Theodore’s Poofume is available at all SESOU Nature Source and Make Room & More outlets. It comes in two sizes: 50ml (Php195) and 120ml (Php295.50).

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5 Responses to Review of Theodore’s Poofume, Cologne for Your Throne

  1. Nova says:

    Another new and yet interesting product, the name itself is indeed humorous

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    I love the bottle itself, it looks adorable. It would be nice to have on in the bathroom, especially when you’re going to have guest over so they don’t feel shy about using the bathroom in case. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This would be a nice thing to keep in the toilet. Of course, poop does not smell nice at all, but sometimes the food we ate makes it smell worse. This would also be ideal to give your kids who are in college. Those dorm rooms are tiny and it is embarrassing to stink up the whole room!

  4. jo says:

    Oh wow, that’s new! Haha! I think this would be very useful in our home, especially right after my husband uses the bathroom. OMG. I think I’ll be getting this one soon!

  5. Nice one. I have a similar product that we use in our bathroom.

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