Our First Visit to KidZania Manila

Because we have so many pictures of our KidZania Manila visit last November, I actually don’t know how to begin writing this article. After almost two months, I finally found the courage to write this blog post. Lol! I’m narrowing it down to include only those establishments inside KidZania Manila where our son spent and earned kidZos (the currency used in KidZania). Hubby purchased our tickets online. Because it was a holiday when we went to KidZania Manila, our tickets cost Php1,100 for our 9-year-old son and Php770.00 each for hubby and me. We were on the 3pm to 8pm shift.

 photo DSCN8911_zps4msu6vbx.jpg

Upon entry, kids will receive a check for 50 kidZos that they can encash at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and spend on products and services available at KidZania. Because it was a holiday when we visited, our son received a bonus. He got a check for 100 kidZos, instead of the usual 50. We were also given a map which we didn’t use as we allowed our son to go where he wanted. We also didn’t get a passport for our son because we thought that he would be able to try everything at KidZania in just one visit, but we were wrong.

Where He Spent His KidZos

 photo DSCN8951_zpso6sjtn17.jpg photo DSCN8957_zpso9dspisb.jpg

His first stop was at Cebu Pacific. He trained to become a pilot which cost him 15 kidZos.

 photo DSCN8966_zpsr3t5wiik.jpg photo DSCN8985_zpsjai1fk7n.jpg

Next, he went to Purefoods R&D Center to work as a food technician for which he spent another 15 kidZos. Here, he was taught how to make chicken nuggets.

 photo DSCN9011_zpsdcw5nzz6.jpg photo DSCN9019_zpsgugil9or.jpg

Then, he went to A-1 Driving School where he needed to pass the driving test to get his driver’s license. He paid 10 kidZos here.

 photo DSCN9020_zpsgd5kfaaw.jpg

He was ecstatic when he got his driver’s license!

 photo DSCN9038_zpszufsx95w.jpg

He then lined up to ride a car and have his car washed and fueled at Shell Gasoline Station. By this time, I already lost track of how much each activity costs.

 photo DSCN9047_zpsd8p78glc.jpg photo DSCN9054_zpsitazobul.jpg

Next, he underwent Pit Crew Training at Honda.

 photo DSCN9089_zpsufhdru0f.jpg photo DSCN9096_zpsiqo36qk7.jpg

Then, he tried his hand at being a field reporter at the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) where he got to interview a firefighter, write his own news article and see his work published in the PDI newspaper.

Where He Earned KidZos

Justin was already running out of kidZos, so he worked for some establishments at KidZania Manila to earn.

 photo DSCN9101_zpsy9yaueld.jpg photo DSCN9104_zpsfnkmrf2l.jpg

First, he worked as an LBC Delivery Man where he loaded his cart with boxes and delivered those boxes to his assigned establishments.

 photo DSCN9112_zpsem8hpjo8.jpg

Then, he became a patrol police officer at the KidZania Police Department. They were briefed inside the CSI office and later went out to ask people if everything was okay.

 photo DSCN9126_zpsu2dn3ebx.jpg photo DSCN9132_zpsws7ltqog.jpg

Finally, he went to the Construction Company of KidZania and worked as a glass cleaner. And that was all that our son was able to do for 5 hours inside KidZania Manila. Lining up and waiting for his turn to train at or work for each KidZania establishment took up a lot of time. He still had a few kidZos left, but it was already closing time. He went to BPI to deposit his remaining kidZos, but the bank was already closed when he got there. Ergo, he took home what’s left of his kidZos to be used for another visit to KidZania.

What He Failed to Do

 photo P_20151101_193751_zpsdlcidh3l.jpg

Our son would have wanted to experience being a firefighter, too, like the boys in this picture, but the Fire Department was not accepting trainees anymore by the time he went there.

About KidZania

KidZania is a play city that offers interactive activities for children aged 4-14 years old. Inside the 8,000 square meters of play space, children will learn various life skills through 70+ role-play activities, complete with realistic uniforms and work tools.

Ticket Prices at KidZania Manila

The prices of tickets to KidZania Manila vary depending on the age of the visitor and the day of visit It’s more expensive to go to KidZania on weekends (Fridays to Sundays) and during national holidays.

Babies below 1 year old – free on all days
Kids 1 to 3 years old – Php500 (Mondays to Thursdays); Php600 (weekends and national holidays)
Kids 4 to 14 years old – Php900 (Mondays to Thursdays); Php1,100 (weekends and national holidays)
Guardians (15 years old and above – Php630 (Mondays to Thursdays); Php770 (weekends and national holidays)

KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Telephone No.: +632 711-5439
Email: info@kidzania.com.ph
Website: http://manila.kidzania.com/en-ph

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8 Responses to Our First Visit to KidZania Manila

  1. Madz says:

    I think a lot of kids would enjoy this place! They’d get to be what they want to be when they grow up!

  2. Our 4 year old recently visited Kidzania with his Titas. I really wanted to brinfg him there myself but couldn’t leave our 4 month old baby. We will definitely visit it again since our son only got to do only a few activities. How come we didn’t have Kidzania when we were kids?? Hehehe. 🙂

  3. Ang galing talaga nito, I’m sure the kids will really enjoy and explore with different experience on this place.

  4. I am so glad to see places like this in Pinas. Wala ata ito nung kabataan natin hehehe. Happy new year!

  5. Denice says:

    Looks like such a fum edu-tainment place! Can’t wait for my little girl to get a bit bigger so I can take her there.

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    These are awesome activities for kids! I wish we have that here. It’s a great experience!

  7. Maan says:

    I just love how amazing Kidzania’s concept is! I hope they open up a branch here in Davao din.

  8. Mommy Anna says:

    Will visit Kidzania soon 🙂

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