Biogesic Banig-Bayan Brings Our OFWs Closer to Home

Christmas, the most festive time of the year, is just a few days away. For us Filipinos, the season means getting together with family and friends, catching up on each other’s lives, and just enjoying the precious time, albeit short, with each other’s company. It doesn’t really matter what food we have on the table. For as long as our family is complete, our Christmas is A-okay.

Imagine how it is with our loved ones working abroad. While we all gather around the Christmas table during Noche Buena, our OFWs might be celebrating this supposedly happiest time of the year alone, wishing they were back home to celebrate with their respective families.

Yet some of us might ask: Aren’t they happy where they are? Sure they have work abroad, they earn money, so much more than what they’ll be earning had they opted to work here. It seems as if they’re living the good life, but that isn’t always the case.

Behind the generous pasalubongs and the happy photos OFWs post online is a tinge of sadness they try so hard to hide from their families. That’s because they have to be strong for the people they left behind. In reality, these OFWs are the prime epitome of a caregiver. To give their loved ones the best life, they are willing to suffer in silence.

So how can we repay our OFWs for the love and care they tirelessly give us? We can talk to them and keep them company through Skype and Messenger. But still, this might not be enough to ease their longing for home, especially during Christmas time.

So how can we make our beloved OFWs happier this holiday season? Well, if Home would make their Christmas, yet they could not come home for it, then we can send Home to them. In the spirit of giving, Biogesic wanted to move families to care for their ultimate providers abroad through the very first Biogesic Banig-Bayan program.

Inspired by the balikbayan box, Biogesic created a special package for families here in the Philippines to carry items they would want to send to their loved ones abroad. It could hold items our OFWs miss from home to symbols of life events they’d wish they were a part of––truly pieces of home that would make their Christmas whole and meaningful.

The Banig-bayan carries the message that ingat and care would still be felt despite physical distance. Biogesic inspires families to make their OFWs feel missed, loved and appreciated each and every day. By the deep expressions of gratitude, heart-tugging stories, and tears of joy, the Banig-Bayans would make the Christmas of our OFWs an event they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

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3 Responses to Biogesic Banig-Bayan Brings Our OFWs Closer to Home

  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    Wow, that’s a really touching video. It’s painful to be away from family especially during the Holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kakaiyak naman ang vid makes me miss my family so much. I wish I could send more BBBox but with everything going on in PInas, I chose not to.

  3. I missed that medicine. What a very nice tribute to all the OFW’s.

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