Our Family Weekend Getaway in Tagaytay

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After church service last Sunday, we hopped into my sister’s car and headed straight to Tagaytay. We would be using our last voucher for a complimentary stay in a Deluxe Room at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites (One Tagaytay Place). This was one of the benefits of being an Emerald Card holder.

 photo DSCN6932_zpsj0jlziti.jpg

We couldn’t help but notice how our room this time was smaller than what we had at One Tagaytay Place seven months ago. Also, these amenities were not included in our Deluxe Room now: hair dryer and cooking facilities. When we used our first voucher last September 2014, our room had a built-in stove, an oven toaster, a rice cooker, a blender and a microwave oven. Oh well.

 photo DSCN6933_zpspvotk1hn.jpg

Our son requested his two cousins who live nearby to spend the night with us at One Tagaytay Place, so my sister had to fetch them from their home, too.

 photo DSCN6962_zpsiyqv9sep.jpg

After dropping off our things in our room, we all went out to have lunch at S&R Pizza at Ayala Malls Serin.

 photo DSCN6951_zpsola3mjge.jpg

Lunch for the adults was chicken and rice meal, while the kids had pizza.

 photo DSCN6959_zps9dq0imgh.jpg photo DSCN6943_zpscekmwglk.jpg

After eating, we bought some snacks to bring to the hotel, mainly for the kids.

 photo DSCN6966_zps6bdlvfyj.jpg

The cousins planned a long night of playing Clash of Clans in their cell phones. That’s all they could do because my son’s EENT doctor forbade him to swim in the hotel’s pool due to ear infection. Sigh! But judging from their many laughs, the cousins seemed to be having a great time.

 photo DSCN6982_zpshg5o2rue.jpg

We had sumptuous late dinner at One Tagaytay Place’s Azalea Restaurant where hubby and I also had our complimentary buffet breakfast the next morning.

 photo DSCN6976_zpswjbdsufz.jpg
 photo DSCN6973_zpsimdc4n9v.jpg photo DSCN6978_zpsexqlhwqb.jpg

We checked out of One Tagaytay Place at 12:00 noon the next dayand went to Diner’s Original Bulalo to have group lunch. Please watch out for my review of this restaurant in my food blog soon.

 photo DSCN7001_zps8huc6alg.jpg

While waiting for our food, we kept ourselves busy chatting and taking pictures.

 photo DSCN7004_zpsmt86cpwh.jpg photo DSCN7005_zps5s6af5e5.jpg

And then my sister brought us to Skyranch. Entrance fee was Php80.00.

 photo DSCN7008_zps3avjayic.jpg


 photo DSCN7029_zpstpv32vax.jpg

Flea Market

 photo DSCN7025_zps7vcgwlic.jpg

The Sky Eye

 photo DSCN7031_zpsjfoiaxxp.jpg


 photo DSCN7046_zpsdv5ecfsx.jpg

Express Train

 photo DSCN7047_zpsjpnklwon.jpg

Horseback Riding

We didn’t try any of the rides at Skyranch because it was still very hot when we arrived. All we did was take pictures, lots of them.

 photo DSCN7034_zpsbkwk5pa0.jpg photo DSCN7039_zpsgg3izvwb.jpg

And then it was time to leave. Like always, our son didn’t want to go home yet because he said he’d be missing his cousins, but we assured him that he’d see them again before school opens in June.

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  1. very relaxing place to take your family and unwine with the kids, for some reason I am not sure which part of tagaytay my sister brought me before it was like we walked to get to the top of the hill and see an overlooking view.

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