Start of Summer Break

Our son’s classes officially ended last Thursday, but he, together with his two other classmates, had to go back to school today for their makeup tests for the two subjects they missed when they joined the MTAP Regional Finals last March 17. We were at the appointed place 30 minutes ahead of time, and he was happy to know that his MTAP teammate and classmate Uan was already there.

 photo P_20150325_0735321_zps1bdf4gjr.jpg

The two boys went out of the classroom, a little far away from me, and were animatedly discussing something. When we went home, I learned from my son that they were talking about Terraria, a game they both like. Some serious stuff, huh? Lol! Well, I was just relieved that that there will be no more quizzes, trimestral tests, projects and homework to worry about beginning today, plus we can sleep longer than usual.

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2 Responses to Start of Summer Break

  1. I’ve always looked forward to vacations and weekends when I was a student. I love spending time with family and not having to worry about assignments much. But it looks like your son didn’t mind coming to school even for a make-up tests.

  2. Hahaha Teraria, my son’s addiction too. He always explains to me how the game works but I have no idea!

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