A Fun Swimming Pool Party

Justin finally learned how to swim last year after taking weekly consecutive swimming lessons at LSGH. And because he did, I knew he’d enjoy summer more since it’s the season of the year where family beach trips and/or pool trips are more frequent. This is why I said yes right away to a swimming party invite by his classmate’s mom (Mommy Kat) last March 21 despite having to commute long to reach the party venue. We also got lost twice and had to pay more because the cab driver wasn’t familiar with the place. But seeing how my son enjoyed his time with his classmates and friends made all the mishaps worth it.

 photo P_20150321_141538_zpsrnpi18su.jpg

The boys played with water guns while in the pool.

 photo P_20150321_141956_zpspptpsmef.jpg

Floaters and beach balls were also readily available for everyone to use.

 photo P_20150321_141944_zps1vxso0ei.jpg

Because he was enjoying the swimming party so much, it was hard to make him pose for the camera, but I managed to catch a few shots.

 photo P_20150321_153917_zpsxaql8ued.jpg

Food served during the party was delicious, especially the Callos. There was also a popcorn and hotdog cart for the kids and the kids-at-heart. Did you notice the red thing on my son’s lips in the picture below? That’s ketchup. He was eating hotdogs when this picture was taken. Lol!

 photo 11080895_10206440913172363_420792292853803256_n_zpssgb7dwzs.jpg

Before everyone went home, a group picture was also taken with the birthday celebrant and his family.

 photo 11081069_10206440607244715_427381509144650963_n_zpsitlio4uf.jpg

The tall boy in the middle wearing a red rash guard is Ken, the birthday boy. Happy 9th birthday, Ken! And thank you, Mommy Kat and Daddy Mike for inviting us!

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4 Responses to A Fun Swimming Pool Party

  1. Nova says:

    this is amazing, kids always loves to swim no matter what the weather looks like, seems everyone is having a great time and good for your son now he’ll love swimming more knowing he knows how to swim now.

  2. that looks so fun Sis 🙂 I am looking forward for summer here too and use our pool.

  3. papaleng says:

    Swimming is one thing that kids love doing specially during summer. Mukhang nag-enjoy to the max ang kid mo.

  4. Mommy Levy says:

    My son also loves swimming. I am glad marunong na si Justin, si Ren need pa madaming lessons 🙂 It looks like the kids enjoyed the swimming party.

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