Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sound Show 2014

We were able to go to Ayala Triangle Gardens (Ayala Triangle) last January 3, a day before the 2014 Lights and Sound Show would end.

 photo IMG_20150103_181232_zps77760ee4.jpg

The last time we went there was in 2011, and we were curious as to how different last year’s Lights and Sound Show was compared to 2011’s show.

 photo IMG_20150103_181024_zpsa354a4ab.jpg

Looking at our 2011 pictures, we noticed that this year’s Lights and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle was brighter and more colorful.

 photo IMG_20150103_182225_zps9b53f3c6.jpg  photo IMG_20150103_182100_zpsde872414.jpg

Also, finding a place to eat isn’t really a problem now since there are extra tables and chairs covered with tents across the restaurants found in Ayala Triangle.

 photo IMG_20150103_190504_zps7188e56d.jpg

We had dinner at Chef Lau’s Pugon Roasters, one of Ayala Triangle’s newest dining spots. See my review of our dining experience there in this Delight My Appetite blog post.

 photo IMG_20150103_184207_zps0393090a.jpg photo IMG_20150103_184215_zpsbe0b2013.jpg photo IMG_20150103_184659_zpsfe9c8beb.jpg

We took more pictures of the Lights and Sound Show before we left.

 photo IMG_20150103_190720_zpse8b6134d.jpg photo P_20150103_190716_NT_zps8917dae4.jpg

Our son took a picture of hubby and me, too.

 photo P_20150103_191244_NT_zpsf68f1d93.jpg

Were you able to see Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sound Show 2014?

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4 Responses to Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sound Show 2014

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  2. Travel Quest says:

    I love lights show very entertaining, i’m reminiscing my days in Ayala by looking at you beautiful photos:)

  3. One of the many reasons why I miss spending the holidays in Pinas. I would have loved to witness this! Makati seems to change and transform every year with new additions.

  4. Wow! Those lights looks amazing. I bet it is a fun show to watch. What a perfect night to end with those delicious food.

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