Review of Grendha Silvestre Tam Ad Wedge Sandals

I bought a pair of Grendha sandals from Bambu’s Glorietta branch last month. It took me a while to decide what style and color to choose. I wanted to make sure that what I’d bring home is what I really like because Grendha is not a cheap brand, and I didn’t want to regret my decision later on. With the help of my 8-year-old son, I finally settled for a blue pair of Grendha Silvestre Tam Ad Wedge Sandals.

 photo DSCN5527_zps9e672c3d.jpg

Grendha Silvestre Tam Ad, Php2,095.00

Note: My picture doesn’t do this gorgeous footwear justice because I have actually worn these Grendha sandals several times before I took a photo of it. In fact, I wore these shoes on a rainy day right before I took this shot.

What I Like about It:
• It’s sexy and stylish.
• It’s comfortable.
• The color I chose is not hard to pair with any outfit color.

What Might Dissuade You from Buying It:
• It’s pricey, yes, but based on my experience, Grendha footwear is quite durable. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase because I know I’m getting my money’s worth.

What Grendha product have you bought recently? What made you buy this product?

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10 Responses to Review of Grendha Silvestre Tam Ad Wedge Sandals

  1. nova hedges says:

    I love the shoe, this will definitely be a good in your feet too. good choice.

  2. that’s cute! looks like a pretty sturdy sandal.

  3. papaleng says:

    nice-looking sandals. Just asking Made in Marikina ba?

  4. You get what you paid for so even if it’s pricey, it is high quality. I love the color!

  5. Kath Rivera says:

    Yay for the comfy part because I have a very sensitive feet and with this I think (magkakasundo kami). Yep, I agree it’s stylish 🙂

  6. Okay I think this establishes that I’m really outdated as I have no clue what Grendha is until now. But I like the design, I had to take a second look when you said your photo doesn’t do it justice, hihi.

  7. Maan says:

    Lovely design! I want to buy a pair of Grendha flats, too, the strappy ones, but I always end up choosing a cheaper brand haha

  8. I have Grendha sandals too – yes, it is so comfy + I like their designs.

  9. Grendha is a nice brand. And worth every penny. Ang tibay nyan! I have one, 6years na sa akin, buhay pa!

  10. Macy Santos says:

    Love how sturdy and stylish this pair of sandals is. I just hope I have one for my size.

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