That’s a Lot of Tom’s World Tokens!

Two Sundays ago during church service, Justin received a lot of Tom’s World tokens from his friend, Brother Eddie, who said he got all of them from the arcade gaming machines he owns. Those tokens were his belated birthday present to Justin.

 photo DSCN4768_zps855205fa.jpg  photo DSCN4772_zps867ecb5b.jpg

Oh, boy, they were heavy inside my bag! But I wasn’t complaining. I counted all of them out of curiosity, and there were 132 tokens all in all. That’s Php650 worth of Tom’s World tokens, more than enough to make my son really happy. Where do you think we were last Saturday?

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4 Responses to That’s a Lot of Tom’s World Tokens!

  1. Philip Tan-Gatue, MD says:

    Like a kid in a candy store =) Seriously, I go to tom’s world just to impress my daughter with the basketball machines.

  2. Nova says:

    I’m sure he will have a blast when he gets the chance to use those coins.

  3. I know my children will be ecstatic when they get something like this so I’m sure your son had a good time using them.

  4. Awww, am sure he’ll have a lot of fun when you take him to the arcade.

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