First Week of 3rd Grade

Justin’s first day of class was last Monday, June 16. He’s officially in 3rd grade. We didn’t get the chance to practice waking up early before school started, so I was a bit apprehensive that we’d wake up late on our first day of school. Everything went smoothly, however, which was good! Parents are allowed to accompany their children to school on the first day of class, so I rode with my son on the school service and dropped him off at his classroom. That allowed me to take a picture of him with his classmates inside their new classroom.

 photo DSCN4689_zps868dbf8a.jpg

When he got home, we went directly to the optical shop nearby to get his eyeglasses. These were prescribed by his ophthalmologist because he was diagnosed to have refractive error. Now, all three of us (Daddy, Mommy and son) are wearing eyeglasses.

 photo DSCN4695_zps77079f97.jpg

Their first week in school was quite relaxed because it was basically just orienting the students with their new classroom, new teachers, new schedule and new curriculum. I hope he enjoys 3rd grade with old and new classmates and teachers.

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12 Responses to First Week of 3rd Grade

  1. Bilis ng panahon no Ate? Third grade na agad si Justin, I remember when I first met you online, di pa sya nagaaral.

  2. jo-anne says:

    I hope he will have lots of fun and learning this school year.

  3. Eileen says:

    Your post made me look back at the times when my children were still in grade school… Crisp, ironed uniforms, trolley bags, lunch kits, etc. They’d look so cute and dainty in the morning and then look like they’ve come from a pig sty when they come home! Oh the joys of motherhood!

  4. Rcel says:

    Sounds so exciting! My 7-year-old daughter will be in 3rd grade as well come 2014-15 school year! Like you, I am amazed how fast these kids grow and learn! 🙂

  5. papaleng says:

    Too early naman ata that Justin go for corrective lenses. I’m just amazed with these kids so easily adapting to a new environment. Noon, shy na shy pa ako sa 3rd grade.

  6. Congrats on moving to Grade 3! I forgot if they spend the whole day at school by that grade?

  7. Yay! Welcome to third grade Justin and hope you enjoy school. It looks like a beautiful classroom to have fun and learn as well. It is very important that the handsome Justin can see clearly and eyeglasses is perfect for that 🙂 I wish you all the fun for this school year Justin. Here in America, some of the states have their close already but my kids will have two more days left and summer vacation comes close 🙂

  8. Anna says:

    They have a nice classroom sis. Good for your little boy. It this an all-boys class?

  9. Your son looks very happy to be back in school. Here’s to a safe and productive school year for our kids!

  10. Juliana says:

    He seem happy and excited for the new school year and he looks good in glasses as well.

  11. Lisa says:

    Your son looks so excited to go back to school. Their classroom looks so nice and clean and the floor is so shiny.

  12. Marie says:

    Its been 2 weeks already since my youngest sister’s first day of school started and until now, my mom can’t leave her 🙁

    Buti pa si Justin, good boy! 🙂

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