Nido Fortified Pampers World’s #1 Moms

I had a very stressful week at work, and all I wanted to do was to rest and unwind during the weekend. Someone Up There must have heard my silent wish as I received an invite from Nido Fortified for a pampering day at the spa last Saturday. How could I say no to that? And to think that the venue for this event is very near our place. How convenient!

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In celebration of Mother’s Day 2014, Nido Fortified gave the spotlight to the World’s #1 Moms by treating mommy bloggers with 1.5 hours of foot pampering and back/arm/head massage plus a movie treat at Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills, San Juan City. We also had a nice lunch here.

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And just when we thought that the event was over, Nido Fortified pulled off another surprise. The mommy bloggers were blindfolded and taken to a different place.

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Upon arrival at our second destination, we were asked to remove our blindfolds at the count of three. And lo and behold, a lot of people were there to greet us Happy Mother’s Day with accompanying confetti shower! The family (hubby and kid/s) of some of the mommy bloggers were there to pay tribute to the ladies of the house. Each mommy blogger was also given a Nido Fortified Wear Your Love shirt designed by Bench to pay tribute to the World’s #1 Moms.

 photo DSCN3537_zpsa1db140e.jpg  photo DSCN3540_zpsde6619d1.jpg
 photo DSCN3543_zps4b76be10.jpg  photo DSCN3551_zps025dfd6f.jpg

The place was Uncle Cheffy at Promenade Greenhills. Denise Chua, Nestle Consumer Marketing Manager, welcomed all the moms and their families and explained why this pampering event was conceptualized.

 photo DSCN3558_zps5c69f5ed.jpg

The mommy bloggers and their families were treated to hearty afternoon snacks at Uncle Cheffy.

 photo DSCN3556_zps333bf6a6.jpg

And before we all went home, they gave us a big brown bag full of Nestle products.

 photo DSCN3675_zps4ff27541.jpg
 photo DSCN3677_zps76a8587c.jpg

What a wonderful advance Mother’s Day celebration indeed! Thank you, Nido Fortified, for pampering and honoring the World’s #1 Moms!

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5 Responses to Nido Fortified Pampers World’s #1 Moms

  1. Lol, I was on detox that day I could not eat anything. Uncle Cheffy’s Panizza was very very tempting. XD

  2. Ruth says:

    That’s a super fun event! I love how creative it was!

    Nido does know how to pamper moms! Happy Mothers’ Day to you 🙂

  3. MrsMartinez says:

    I saw Kris Aquino wearing that shirt in her TV show today. I want one ; )


  4. What a nice treat for special Moms!

  5. Mommy Peachy says:

    I was also invited by Nido but I wasn’t able to go! You were really pampered!

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