Decluttering, Organizing and Accessorizing Our Home

Summer break for our grade-schooler officially started last Friday, March 14, 2014. Finally, I do not need to wake up so early every day to prepare him for school, and yes, I will have more time to work and to spruce up our home. Here are the things I plan to do at home during our son’s school break: de-clutter, organize, and accessorize.

De-cluttering our home is something I have meaning to do for a long time but haven’t successfully accomplished. There’s simply not enough time to do everything at home, especially when you’re a work-at-home mom who juggles job and family responsibilities. Since our young man is on vacation, I will enlist his help in separating the toys that he still likes and those that he can already dispose of. The same goes for the clothes we haven’t worn for years and stuff that are hidden in the cabinets for so long, things that we have already forgotten about. Getting rid of all this mess will make our home look cleaner and more spacious.

We also need to organize everyday items in our home to make it easier for us to find things. Books, bags, shoes, compact discs, etc. should have their own respective places. This morning when I checked my desk drawer, I was overwhelmed with everything I saw: laundry receipts, mails, paper clips, calculator, post-it notes, an unused desk calendar, business cards, a planner, envelopes, and a whole lot more. How could they all fit inside that teeny-weeny space? Organizing our home will have to start with that disorderly desk drawer.

It wouldn’t hurt also to accessorize our home to make it presentable for our guests. To start off, it would be really nice to adorn our living room and bedroom with beautiful wallpapers. We also need a more colorful and exciting tablecloth, plus new slipcovers for our dining chairs. Getting a few decorative accents for our side tables is also a good idea. And yes, our curtains need to be replaced, too! I guess it’s time to buy lace curtains at Swags Galore and to put all of these home decorating ideas to work.

l’m so excited to see our clutter-free, organized, and accessorized home sweet home! I wonder how long that will take.

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