Starting My New Year Right!

Happy New Year! I did not intend to write a New Year post so early in the morning because today, like all the other first days of the year, is going to be a busy day at work, but I woke up on the right side of the bed bursting with good vibes and bright ideas, so there!

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It felt good to have done some spring cleaning at home before the clock struck twelve. It’s liberating to see our closets and drawers free from unnecessary clutter. I know I can do more at work and at home knowing that I have discarded most of the things we don’t need.

I have also managed to keep the house spic and span for the past three days without a helper. Nope, I don’t do it alone; I have a sidekick who helps me do things at home. Justin likes to help around the house, and his favorite task is wiping the floor with a clean, damp cloth using his feet. Lol!

We didn’t go anywhere yesterday, too. We just stayed in the comfort of our own home, Justin, me and his Dad sharing pre-ordered food while watching the New Year’s Eve countdown on TV. Justin’s toy trumpet, which sounded like a bus horn more than anything, livened up our simple family celebration.

I feel the Year of the Wooden Horse is going to be a good year, so much better than last year, health-wise and money-wise, and I’m already claiming it! Here’s to a healthier, richer and happier 2014!

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One Response to Starting My New Year Right!

  1. Badet says:

    Happy new year Tetcha! Yes, good vibes lang dapat for 2014.

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