New Year, New Phone!

I am not a techie, and that explains why I’m not into gadgets much. Late last year, hubby gave me his old Android phone, and I wasn’t really ecstatic about it because I was having a hard time typing on the touch screen. I always ended up sending text messages with typographical errors because I simply couldn’t get it right. Lol! That Android phone died out before Christmas, and I had no choice but to buy a new one. Since I knew nothing about cell phones, I let hubby do the choosing, and after 2 days, we purchased a brand new Lenovo A706.

 photo DSCN1991_zps6df961b9.jpg

Lenovo A706

Lenovo A706 Features

• Quad Core Processing
• Android Jelly Bean
• 4.5” IPS Display
• High-Resolution Photography and High-Definition Video
• Dual Sim
• Dolby Digital Plus
• MicroSD Storage

What I Like about It

Given the above specifications, I can say that the Lenovo A706 is quite affordable. I got it on 6 months installment for only Php8,290 (Php1,381.67 every month).

My Lenovo A706 Experience

My Lenovo A706 has only been with me for 10 days, and I haven’t explored all of its features yet, but so far, sound quality is good, so listening to music using Lenovo A706 is bliss. Photo quality is also okay. My cell phone battery lasts 3 to 4 days when all I do is call, text and Facebook; that’s good enough for me.


I still haven’t mastered the art of touch screen texting yet, so when my cell phone load permits, I’d rather call than text. The problem is not really the phone but me! Lol! Honestly, I still haven’t discovered a thing that I don’t like about my new phone, but when I do, I’ll let you know about it.

So yes, I’ve greeted the New Year with a new phone. I hope that’s a sign of many more good things to come this 2014. Cheers!

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  1. zoan says:

    I think we have the same unit from Lenovo, but I got mine for free at Sun Plan 300 🙂 it is quite great 🙂

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