Grade 2 Family Day 2014 at LSGH

Grade 2 Family Day at LSGH was held at the St. Benilde Cafeteria and Gym last Saturday, January 18, 2014. This year’s theme was “2Gether We Rock.” The families of Grade 2 pupils were at the cafeteria by 11:00am for a salu-salo (get-together) and for some parlor games.

 photo DSCN2107_zpse561588c.jpg  photo DSCN2110_zps457f4994.jpg

After lunch, the kids were brought to their respective classrooms for checking of attendance.

 photo DSCN2122_zpse74fc164.jpg

Grade 2A boys in their classroom before heading to the gym

By 1:00pm, everyone was at the gym for the Parade of Colors.

 photo DSCN2147_zpsf95ea8ce.jpg

There was an intermission number by the LSGH Drumbeaters followed by a dance number by Grade 2 Class Representatives’ sons, a Yoyo Exhibition and a mascot appearance.

 photo DSCN2146_zps709142b1.jpg  photo DSCN2148_zps7f1e35bf.jpg
 photo DSCN2158_zps74504903.jpg  photo DSCN2180_zps3beb8b74.jpg

Raffle prizes were also given away during the program. The most exciting and the most awaited number, however, was the Grade 2 Pupils’ Performance. They danced to the music of the Backstreet Boys, which were highly applauded by all the guests present.

 photo DSCN2160_zpsbe5c10b1.jpg  photo DSCN2173_zpsadf7de6c.jpg

There were also games participated in by both parents and kids alike, namely Defying Gravity, Shoot That Coin and Candy Crush. Justin was excited to play the Defying Gravity game with his Dad.

 photo DSCN2186_zps2445fd4a.jpg

Before the program was over, all Grade 2 pupils were given an LSGH gym bag full of goodies and sweets, and I was sure the kids had a grand time rummaging through the contents of their gym bags. We went home tired but happy, knowing that our son enjoyed celebrating Family Day in school.

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4 Responses to Grade 2 Family Day 2014 at LSGH

  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed the event!

  2. Is it a yearly thing? I think this a good practice by the school, to bring together the family at least once a year for a social gather. Kids feel really important when their parents take time to be with them and have fun.

    • admin says:

      Yes, Mommy Nicquee, Family Day per year level is held annually at LSGH. Kids and parents alike look forward to this annual family celebration.

  3. jared's mum says:

    this sure looks like a fun event to participate + everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. gatherings like this one are some of the things i look forward too when my little man goes to big school!

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