Hardwood Flooring Demystified

Hardwood flooring is undeniably a great way to add timeless beauty to your home. However, many people often have many questions regarding this expensive, yet beautiful flooring option. Below are few hardwood flooring myths demystified.

1. How does humidity affect my hardwood floors? Because hardwood flooring is made from natural materials, humidity can play a role in the lifespan of your floor. If your home has enough humidity to cause pooling, it might be best to choose a different flooring option. Using a de-humidifier can help, but humidity can cause damage to hardwood flooring if not handled properly.

2. Should I install my own hardwood floor? Hardwood flooring can be quite difficult to install. It is doable on your own, but a professional installation will guarantee the lifespan of your hardwood floor.

3. Is hardwood flooring a good choice for homes with pets and children? Hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for any type of household. However, for homes with children and pets, it’s recommended to use area rugs in high traffic areas to protect the floor from heavy foot traffic. It’s also important to keep pet’s nails trimmed to prevent gouging or scratching.

4. Is cleaning hardwood flooring difficult? When cleaning hardwood flooring, it’s recommended to follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Never use abrasive cleaners or water on your hardwood floor. Cleaning hardwood flooring is as simple as using a dry mop or special cleaner as recommended by your flooring supplier or brand.

5. Is hardwood flooring worth the investment? Hardwood flooring is an investment that can last an entire lifetime. Because hardwood floors are coveted by many people, they can greatly improve the resale value of your home.

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  1. mommy Peachy says:

    I would love to have hardwood flooring, I’m just scared that it’s high maintenance.

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