A Minion-Themed Birthday Party

A popular proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Wikipedia has a very nice interpretation of this famous adage; it says, “without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.” I agree! Being in the advanced class is quite stressful. So much is expected of the boys in terms of behavior and academic performance, so to lighten the load and to strike a balance between school and leisure, we make it a point to go to the mall to watch a movie, eat out or play at Timezone during weekend. Also, when our schedule permits, I allow my son to attend his classmates’ birthday celebrations, like Stephen’s minion-themed party last Saturday.

 photo DSCN1698_zps9f676180.jpg

The birthday celebrant with his mom and sister, classmates and friends

Everyone had fun watching a juggling performance and participating in various parlor games. The birthday celebrant also showed his dancing prowess on stage.

 photo DSCN1703_zpsaeee2081.jpg  photo DSCN1716_zpsca9a31ea.jpg
 photo DSCN1700_zps6116a6d0.jpg  photo DSCN1712_zps017c5ecf.jpg

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the buffet table, but the food was delicious! However, my son barely touched his dinner because he was having so much fun with his classmates.

 photo DSCN1724_zps2bf1fb00.jpg  photo DSCN1725_zps85cc8221.jpg

When the sweet party treats were released from the minion piñata, Justin only got a few candies, but Stephen was generous enough to share some of his goodies with my son.

 photo DSCN1733_zpsbe746aeb.jpg

And before the boys finally went home, they each received a soft and cuddly minion backpack. Lovely, isn’t it?

 photo c1b6fd78-9ae8-4cdf-bb99-d6715de8bc75_zps995007ba.jpg

It was indeed an exciting birthday treat for Stephen, but what’s different and noteworthy about this party was that the birthday celebrant requested the guests to just donate to Gawad Kalinga, instead of giving him a birthday present. Stephen hopes to build one house for the rehabilitation of the victims of super typhoon Yolanda.

May God bless you more, Stephen, and thank you, Mommy Joan and Daddy Daniel, for inviting us!

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  1. Great pics! Seems you guys had tons of fun and such a great gesture from the celebrant! 😉

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