Pre-Sem Break Party

We missed several birthday parties of Justin’s classmates because of my busy work schedule. That makes me a very guilty mom, so on their last school day before sem break started, I made sure we’d attend his classmate Zac’s 7th birthday party at Papa John’s Pizza in Annapolis, Greenhills, San Juan.

 photo DSCN1278_zpse43920d7.jpg

A lot of Justin’s classmates weren’t able to make it to the party because I guess most of them were tired already. That’s because the party coincided with the Grade 2 Activity Day which was a whole-day affair.

 photo DSCN1297_zps855e205d.jpg

The party lasted for only a few hours, but I was glad that my son got to spend some time with his classmates outside school.

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4 Responses to Pre-Sem Break Party

  1. WAHM Blogger says:

    Missed birthday parties make me feel guilty, too. 🙁 These days I don’t promise my son about attending parties anymore because I don’t want him to think that I don’t keep my word. We just go when my schedule permits.

  2. emiliana says:

    socialization is a learning process we all go through and birthdays are fun ways to do it

  3. Mommy Levy says:

    it looked like Justin had a blast in this Birthday Party

  4. I also like when my daughter gets to spend time with kids from school but not in school haha

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