Loving My Online Shopping Haul!

A girl loves to shop, and I’m no exception! I shopped at Zalora more than two weeks ago. Exactly two days after I placed my order, my Zalora package arrived containing three tops and two accessories.

 photo DSCN1548_zps717c8432.jpg

The first item was an orange Viking Blouse from Celine. It was a little big for me, but I didn’t have it replaced. Instead, I decided to give it to my older sister this Christmas.

 photo DSCN1564_zpsb7791f0b.jpg

Lorraine Scoopneck Blouse, Php349.00

I really like this red Lorraine Scoopneck Blouse with animal prints. It fits me perfectly, plus its color and design are really eye-catching.

 photo DSCN1565_zpsf69ef049.jpg

Tresa Long Sleeve Tulip Cut Top, Php695.00

On the other hand, I chose this Tresa Long Sleeve Tulip Cut Top because the model in the website looked good in it. I hope I can wear this as confidently as she did.

 photo DSCN1549_zps73f1699f.jpg

Spring Fling Bangle, Php245.00

This Spring Fling Bangle with turquoise beads and gold tone setting is currently on sale; it’s now priced at Php179.00.

 photo DSCN1563_zps7d24de4f.jpg

Mia Casa Multicolored Bracelet, Php175.00

Another exciting find is this Multicolored Bracelet from Mia Casa with lobster claw clasp. I can’t wait to wear this chic bracelet tomorrow.

I’m satisfied with my purchases, but I hope I won’t become addicted to online shopping. Lol!

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  1. pretty haul you got wanna see you wear them soon 🙂

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