Kinder Joy and My Boy

And so it happened that my little boy discovered Kinder Joy, too, one Friday afternoon while we were looking for things to buy inside Robinsons Supermarket. I was actually the one showed it to him. He grabbed several Kinder Joy eggs, but I persuaded him to get only three. I don’t remember the exact price, but I think I paid less than Php50.00 for each Kinder Joy egg.

 photo DSCN1253_zps77d25323.jpg

We didn’t know that the small white plastic attached to one part of the the Kinder Joy egg was actually a spoon that you can use to scoop the chocolate out of the egg. That’s the reason why there’s a teaspoon in the picture above. Lol!

 photo DSCN1257_zps8c6690e5.jpg

What’s inside a Kinder Joy egg? Half of the egg has creamy milk chocolate with crispy rocher balls, while the other half contains a plastic toy.

 photo DSCN1254_zpsa26540a1.jpg

Justin got that watch-like gadget he’s wearing, two small tops and a small car. He said he’d like to have more more Kinder Joy eggs.

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4 Responses to Kinder Joy and My Boy

  1. Ane says:

    Lucas always tells me to buy this for him when he sees the commercial on tv, but unfortunately, we can’t find it in a local grocery store here yet. 🙁

    I have to admit, I’d love to try some for myself, Lucas can have the toy and I can have the chocolate. 😛

  2. jem alvarado says:

    My son is also into this. He likes the surprises. I just find it a little pricey :).

  3. Joy says:

    i am so intrigued with Kinder Joy, though I do not have a little one anymore I think I’ll buy some to give it a try 🙂

  4. Mommy Pehpot says:

    the boys discovered that too! may pending blog post nga ako about jan… hang gastos lang ng 4 kinder joys! hahaah

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