Cleaning Tips: How to Prevent Germs from Spreading in Your Home

Every home has germs in it. No home could really be as clean as somewhere where it is essential, such as an operating theatre. Indeed, a completely sterile environment would not be desirable – even if it were to be a practical proposition. Nevertheless, bacteria and other microbes – or germs – are unwelcome in a domestic environment, particularly if you have children who may suffer from certain types of allergy. Germs don’t necessarily make you ill, but still they can. So, keeping your home clean is always a good idea.

In the kitchen, avoid cross contamination of bacteria by using food preparation areas separately. Use different chopping boards for meat and for vegetables. Try to keep pets away from food preparation areas, too. A useful tool in cleaning utensils is now part of many homes’ kitchen. Use your dishwasher to make sure that knives, chopping boards and other utensils are cleaned thoroughly between uses. Most dishwashers do a great job of cleaning their contents and removing unwanted bacteria that might lead to germ contamination. Never neglect the floor of your kitchen, where small amounts of foodstuffs might fall, unnoticed. Remember to wipe your floor once in a while with an anti-bacterial cleaner and to do so even if it looks clean to the naked eye.

One area where a regular cleaning regime is certainly advisable is your bathroom. Unclean baths build up grime over time. A scum line mark from where dirty bath water has been drained away is often a tell-tale sign that germs are finding the environment a healthy one for breeding. Remember that when you run a bath, the room gets hot, and this is just what germs need to multiply. Equally, you should take measures to clean your toilet regularly because it comes into contact with fecal matter – which is usually teeming with unwanted bacteria. A simple cream cleaner applied with a sponge is enough to keep your bath and sink looking new. To clean your toilet, use bleach or a specialist toilet cleaner and apply it thoroughly with a brush. Remember to clean the brush after use, too. One thing that many people also take for granted in their bathroom is their own toothbrush. Throw away old ones and change your toothbrush regularly every few months.

In other rooms, remember that a simple vacuum cleaner will remove many unpleasant things from carpet, on which bacteria could feed. Proper and regular cleaning of your home is the most important prevention from spreading germs, bacteria and diseases at home.

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