Exam Week Is Almost Over!

First trimestral test week began last Monday and will end tomorrow (Thursday). My son and I are so looking forward to the weekend. Why? Because the past week and every day this week are so hectic with us having to review several skills for each subject, going over his books, notebooks, handouts, notes, and quizzes just to make sure we’ve covered everything. It didn’t help that I was also beating project deadlines at work.

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My son, on the other hand, looks forward to a weekend full of play. There is one gadget at home that he badly misses, and that’s his Dad’s iPad. You see, he was prohibited from using this iPad since last week, but tomorrow after his last test, he’s free to use it as much as he wants. We’re also going somewhere this weekend for a much needed rest and relaxation. That will allow us (dad, mom and son) to take a break from work, home and school stress.

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3 Responses to Exam Week Is Almost Over!

  1. wow perfect score. i’m sure excited to play ipad na yan.

  2. nuts says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised seeing his exams in perfect score. Awww. I’m sure he’s looking forward for a very long IPAD weekend hihi..

  3. Mommy Pehpot says:

    kayang kaya naman ni Justin yan 🙂

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