Tigerair Partners with 2GO to Assist Stranded Passengers

Tigerair, the fastest growing low-cost carrier in the country, has partnered with 2GO Shipping to help stranded passengers go back to Manila.

About 130 passengers including 2 infants boarded Tigerair flights 7015 and 7023 from Cebu to Manila last night.

Committed to provide compensation package to the passengers of the ill-fated MV Tomas Aquinas, 2GO Shipping has coordinated with Tigerair Philippines for the purchase of the air tickets.

Tigerair extends its helping hand by providing a special rate, including booking of the passengers based on a manifesto. 2GO will be responsible for distributing these tickets.

Tigerair takes pride in its pool of customer-centric and highly professional cabin crew and pilots making sure passengers get to their destinations safely. Tigerair’s airbus A320s and A319s are among the youngest fleet to fly to Cebu, Bacolod, Kalibo, Iloilo, Tacloban and Puerto Pincesa.

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