Looking for an Efficient Broadband Provider

Online workers like me need a reliable broadband service to get our jobs done. I’m currently a subscriber of a local broadband network, but their quality of service leaves much to be desired, so I’m switching to another company soon. Wonky Internet connection and/or no Internet connection can mean lost of income, and this is something I don’t like to happen. That’s why I’m looking at different Sky Broadband offers now to find the package that suits my needs.

Here’s the story behind that decision. Back in 2008 when I started working at home, the first thing I did was to look for a reliable broadband provider that will enable me to perform my online work, check emails anytime of the day and communicate with my colleagues and bosses through web chat. Our application for broadband and landline was processed in a week’s time, and I finally got settled in my new office at home.

Everything was going well during the first month. I was satisfied with the quality and speed of our Internet service, but my happiness was short-lived. In the following months, I was constantly complaining to our broadband company’s customer service because our Internet connection was down for one or more days. That really affected my work productivity, and that made me want to shift to another broadband network. However, they were able to fix their system even before we could cancel our account. I shouldn’t be complacent, though, because the same thing could happen again.

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