Top Possessions Brits Would Save from a House Fire

It is a nightmare situation. You return home from work one day and find that your house has burnt down. All of your possessions have been reduced to a pile of ash and rubble. Have you ever thought about what you would most like to save? Would it be photo memories, information on a laptop or PC, family heirlooms or even more simple yet irreplaceable items?

Laptop or computer

A recent survey by GoCompare suggests that a laptop is the most important thing people would save from a house fire. It is testament to our movement into the digital age that, we not only rely upon this expensive piece of equipment so dearly, but also that it now holds some of our most treasured information, such as photos, diary entries and music collections. As we move into an age in which we are more easily connected to online storage facilities and clouds, the laptop may lose its sentimental significance as the most important thing to save from a house fire.

Family heirlooms

For most people, one of the most essential things to save from a fire are irreplaceable family heirlooms. This may be a rather vague category, including a diverse range of items having very different levels of value in monetary terms. Items such as old letters, clothing and furniture and jewellery are often passed down through the family and provide a record which could be lost forever in a house fire.

Photo albums

Although digital photography has meant that computers and online storage systems are increasingly becoming the main storage repository for photographs, people still have large collections from the analogue age and furthermore like to record the best of their digital collections physically in new photo albums. Photo album memories can be very devastating to lose, especially if you have no copy or backup. These are records of history which can easily be shown and passed on to friends and family in a way that digital photography cannot. Therefore, despite the increasing reliance on digital, it is often devastating to lose these special items in a house fire.

Special collections

Some of the people who are most hard hit by house fires are those with a special penchant for collecting, whether it be rare items, valuable items or simply highly personal items. Collectors of vinyl, comic books, clothes, artwork, jewellery or even pebbles off the beach will tell you how heartbreaking it can be to lose such items during a house fire. If you have a large collection, it is always worth getting it insured.

Personal items

For most people, the item they would most hate to lose cannot be classified in a simple category. This is because most people are very unique and have different reasons for treasuring different household items. For example, it might be a bench or table that you built personally, or a trophy you won at a young age sporting event or a particularly decorative piece of driftwood found on your favourite beach. Often these items mean nothing to anyone except the owner.

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5 Responses to Top Possessions Brits Would Save from a House Fire

  1. Badet says:

    Few things I will grab are important documents such as passport, birth certificates, etc. and my phone. Pero sana wag naman mangyari sa amin.

  2. knock on wood that this won’t happen to us. but I will save all important documents and photographs.

  3. Family heirlooms are so important. I think that will be number one in my list if I were to save something from a house on fire. Haha. Pamana kasi yan at never mapapalitan! 🙂

  4. Kahit hindi siguro yung laptop..external hard drive na lang ang ise-save ko..

  5. Kaye F says:

    It’s actually hard to choose. I’d rather save all that are listed if there’s ample time to grab things. But, first things first, I’ll save my daughter first and her belongings. For me, that’s more important.

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