Happy 7th Birthday, Justin!

We had a simple 7th birthday celebration for our son Justin at McDonald’s Greenhills last Friday, July 12, 2013. It was Justin’s wish to celebrate his 7th birthday with his classmates and friends because that’s the time they can play together and have fun together outside their school.

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Justin with Daddy, Mommy, Tatay, Nanay, Ate Ayie and Tita Meme

Party time started at 3:30pm. His Dad and I were at the venue an hour before the celebration started, and our son was dropped off at the venue by his school service a few minutes before the party commenced.

 photo DSCN0563_zpsc0d73fd7.jpg  photo DSCN0566_zps6493ab1c.jpg

Justin wanted an angry birds-themed cake, so that’s what I ordered from Goldilocks. That cake was named “Fowl Play.” I ordered this a week before the date of the party.

 photo DSCN0565_zps85ee52c2.jpg

There was already a celebration even before the actual party started because my son and his classmates were already busy playing with the party balloons, running around the party venue, laughing at and with each other, and roughhousing. The boys were having a blast, and my son was really happy to have his friends and classmates celebrate this special occasion with him.

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Both the mommies and the kids were called for the parlor games. The mommies were all laughing as we were made to write in the air using our butts.

 photo DSCN0586_zps884b69cf.jpg  photo DSCN0594_zps356da082.jpg
 photo DSCN0595_zps7d2fac74.jpg  photo DSCN0598_zpsf6cb6ea4.jpg

Then, it was time to blow out the candle on the birthday cake, and it was eating time afterwards.

 photo DSCN0625_zps12df7208.jpg
 photo DSCN0633_zps5332cd70.jpg

After everyone has eaten, Hamburglar made an appearance to the delight of the kids.

 photo DSCN0639_zps97b99b87.jpg
 photo DSCN0643_zps66272b28.jpg

Finally, Justin was called by the party host to distribute the loot bags to his classmates and friends.

 photo DSCN0648_zpse3033182.jpg

Quite naturally, the first thing he did when we arrived home was open his gifts, but we asked him not to open everything. We told him he could open a few gifts every Friday so he’d have something to look forward to at the end of each school week.

 photo DSCN0689_zps0c584556.jpg

His birthday gifts!

All in all, more than 50 guests came to Justin’s party. There was a slight problem with the way McDonalds Greenhills was handling the event, but in the end, what really matters was that our son had a great time celebrating his 7th birthday with his classmates and friends.

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5 Responses to Happy 7th Birthday, Justin!

  1. Mommy Pehpot says:

    Happy happy birthday Justin!

  2. Badet says:

    Belated happy birthday to Justin. Soon, binata na 🙂

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, Justin!

  4. levy says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Justin!!! I like the idea na wag buksan ang gifts lahat

  5. orlan ilustre says:

    happy birthday, Justin! 🙂

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