Fun Time with Friends

My son was invited to a classmate’s 7th birthday celebration last Saturday. We arrived at the party venue early, and that gave my son a lot of time to play with his classmates at the playground beside the subdivision clubhouse where the party was going to be held.

 photo DSCN0704_zpsb73ee4a1.jpg  photo DSCN0700_zps4640208e.jpg

At first, I was hesitant to allow him to play because he got sick a few days before the party, but I couldn’t stop him from running and sliding and swinging with the rest of the boys. All I could do was run after my boy to make sure he’s not drenched in sweat and to take pictures of this fun day with friends.

 photo DSCN0705_zps91883340.jpg

He was simply having too much fun! Look at how he guffawed in this picture!

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3 Responses to Fun Time with Friends

  1. Perfect party venue cos the kids could run around and have fun. Kita talaga sa ngiti ng mga bata na sobrang enjoy ang bday party! 😀

  2. Anytime is a good time to play with friends! Looks like Justine had a great time even before that cool party.

  3. nuts says:

    Kids talaga, they grab all the chance they have to play! Im sure he enjoyed the party a lot. Sa venue palang panalo na!

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