First Day of School

My son is now officially a grade-schooler. Last Monday, June 17, was his first day in school as a Grade 2 student. He skipped Grade 1 in accordance with his school’s K+12 program. It’s his first time to wear a white polo shirt with his name, grade level and school emblem paired with khaki pants and low-cut black leather shoes. Last year, his school uniform consisted of a white school shirt, khaki pants and white rubber shoes.

 photo DSCN0232_zpsc7613140.jpg

Posing for Mommy while waiting for the school service

Of course, I had to take a picture of him on his first day of class. This photo was taken outside the place where we live while waiting for his school service.

Parents are allowed to drop their kids off to their classroom on the first day of school, so I grabbed that opportunity to see his new teacher, his new classmates and his new learning environment. His school service came early, but because of heavy traffic, our travel time took longer than usual. We were inside his classroom a few minutes before the school bell rang. I hurriedly took a picture of my son inside his new classroom; I was also able to ask his homeroom adviser a few questions.

 photo DSCN0233_zpsd29660e4.jpg

My handsome grade-schooler!

There are 39 students in his class, which, I think, is a lot, considering that other sections have only 20+ students. He belongs to Section A, the honors class. As a Grade 2 student, he will now be spending 7 hours in school every day from Mondays to Fridays poring over 9 books and studying for 10 subjects. Good luck, son!

My hope is that my son will enjoy school as much as he did last year when he was just a complete newbie in big school. And like before, I will be here to guide him and help him every step of the way.

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5 Responses to First Day of School

  1. jellybelly says:

    The ratio is high but I guess that’s always the case in traditional schools. I remember my grade school days it was about 40. But grade 2 then was only half day. 7 hours must be tiring for your son.

  2. nuts says:

    wow! may grade schooler kana! so handsome in his new uniform! Goodluck Justine!

  3. WOW HE skipped Grade 1 ? how? Must be exciting times for both of u! Buti pinayagan ka to take photos in the classroom:)

  4. Mommy Pehpot says:

    Goodluck Justin! And good luck din sayo Tetcha! for sure ma miss mo si Justin hehe

  5. Wow! He skipped grade1? Galing! Nice classroom very neat as well as the chairs. Goodluck to your son. 🙂

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