Epic: Movie Review

After a hard day’s work last Saturday, I badly needed some entertainment, and what better way to do that than to watch the movie Epic. Armed with Taters popcorn and lemonade, we went marching inside the movie theater not knowing what to expect. Well, I’m speaking for myself here because as the film began, our 6-year-old son started lecturing me on the characters of the movie, introducing me to Ronin and the Leafmen and the Leafmen’s enemies, the Boggans. He knows all about these from the Epic app he has downloaded to his Dad’s iPad.

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Movie Summary

After the death of her mother, M.K. (short for Mary Katherine) moves in with her estranged father Professor Bomba who is an eccentric scientist looking for an advanced civilization of tiny humans. The skeptical M.K. wants his father to stop his work, but she soon discovers that what his father was trying to prove is true when she herself is shrunk down and she meets Queen Tara (queen of the forest) who asks for her help in completing a mission to save the forest from the army of Boggans led by Mandrake. M.K. is tasked to prevent the total destruction of the forest with the help of the Leafmen leader Ronin, Nod (M.K.’s love interest) and the comic characters Mub (the slug) and Grub (the snail).

What We Liked about the Movie

The movie’s visual effects are praiseworthy, marvelously revealing the beauty and grandiosity of nature. There are also funny scenes in the movie, which brought us a chuckle. I was also touched by the movie’s ending when M.K. and his Dad finally see eye to eye.

Lessons Learned from the Movie

The movie imparts valuable life lessons, which include the following:

• Relentlessly pursuing your dreams bears fruit.
• Teamwork achieves goals.
• Your family is always there for you.
• Nature will thrive if we take care of it.

Overall, Epic is an entertaining and fun movie for the entire family, so catch it while you still can.

Epic is a 3d computer-animated fantasy-adventure film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Chris Wedge.

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2 Responses to Epic: Movie Review

  1. peachkins says:

    Ykaie wants to watch Epic but we don’t have the time yet. I hope it’s still showing next week.

  2. I like the movie theme but the make of the movie reminds me of Shrek the details and everything well what do you know same makers haha. they haven’t done something to make 3D cartoons have different features all they do is change hair color skin color etc

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