A McCelebrations Party for Our Young Man!

Yesterday, I already paid the deposit for my son’s Ronald-and-the-Gang-themed party for his 7th birthday celebration this July. Justin will celebrate his 7th birthday at McDonald’s Greenhills branch on a Friday, five days after his actual birthday. I chose the date and the place for the following reasons:
• McDonald’s Greenhills is near his school so this will make it easier for his classmates to attend.
• McDonald’s Greenhills has a big party room that can accommodate more than 50 people.
• It was intentionally set on a Friday, the last day of the school week because there’s no class the next day, so that means many of his classmates and friends can join the party.
• We won’t be spending much for this celebration because themed McCelebrations are not expensive.

More About McCelebrations Party Packages

 photo McCelebs1_zpsf56aa009.png

Photo credit: McDonald’s website

As I said, the McCelebrations party package that we chose will not burn a hole in our pockets because it’s quite affordable. For a minimum of Php2,000, we already have access to the party room with full hosting, games and 30 prizes, 30 themed giveaways, 1 gift for the celebrant and an appearance by Grimace, Hamburglar or Birdie. If more than 30 kids will attend, then we can request for additional party prizes and giveaways a week before the actual celebration.

There are four McCelebrations party themes: Disney Princess for the girls and Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, and Ronald and the Gang for the boys. Justin chose Ronald and the Gang, and he wants Hamburglar to appear on his party.

There are four food mixes to choose from: Cheeseburger with McSpaghetti plus Regular Drink, 1-pc. Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti plus Regular Drink, 1-pc. Chicken McDo with Rice and Fries plus Regular Drink and Happy Meal Toy, and McSpaghetti with Burger McDo and Fries plus Regular Drink and Happy Meal Toy.

If you want more flavor to the mix, you can order add-ons like Hot Fudge Sundae, Regular Fries, Burger McDo and Apple Pie. You can also get a small birthday cake (12” x 8”) for Php650 and a bigger cake (12” x 16”) for Php1.050.

Other Party Perks

McDonald’s will also make you feel more special for FREE:
• You will get a piñata if your food orders are worth Php5,000 to Php9,999.
• You will get an electronic drum set if your food orders are worth Php10,000 to Php14,999.
• You will get an electronic tablet if your food orders are worth Php15,000 and up.

I learned everything about the McCelebrations party packages from McDonald’s colorful print flyers. My son and this mom are so looking forward to this party!

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3 Responses to A McCelebrations Party for Our Young Man!

  1. I had Mc Donalds birthday celebration with my little girl for her first birthday. I have to say, it went well. The only thing is late mga bisita ko medyo short na kami time pero it was fine considering I didn’t pay a single cent for it. Napanalunan niya lang yun from EQ diapers. Advance happy birthday to your son.

  2. nice birthday party package promo. free drumsets and tablets eh 🙂 sweet

  3. peachkins says:

    Advance Happy Birthday to Justin! I’m sure he’s already excited.

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