Kids, Gear Up for Bonakid Choco Boost’s Amazing Toy Adventure Promo!

Two 800-gram pack of Bonakid Choco Boost were delivered to our doorstep yesterday. Our young man was excited to see the two boxes because he said he’s going to win a prize; apparently, he saw the ongoing promo of Bonakid Choco Boost on TV, and that got him pumped up. I also asked him to try this chocolate milk drink, and he obliged, because when we opened one of the boxes, he got a whiff of the sweet aroma of the chocolate milk powder inside. He drank 1 glass in the afternoon and another glass at night, and he said it’s yummy!

We then peeled off the stickers in front of the boxes to reveal our prize, and we got two Php50.00 Toy Kingdom gift certificates. I was happy, but the little boy was a bit disappointed because he wanted to win the 60-second shopping spree instead. I told him we’re buying more Bonakid Choco Boost to improve his chance of winning.

Your kids can also have a chance to race around Toy Kingdom and take home every doll or action figure they fancy! Bonakid Choco Boost, together with Toy Kingdom, brings the most thrilling promo for kids this summer: the Bonakid Choco Boost Amazing Toy Adventure Promo. If you purchase specially marked packs, your kids will get instant gift certificates and the chance to win an exciting 60-second shopping spree in Toy Kingdom.

Bonakid Choco Boost is a powdered milk drink specially formulated to help support the nutritional needs of children 7 years and older. It has boosted levels of Calcium, Vitamin A, Iron and Zinc for growth and development. Kids will surely love it for its delicious, chocolate taste.

The Bonakid Choco Boost Amazing Toy Adventure Promo will run from March 15 to May 31, 2013. Visit the Bonakid Choco Boost Facebook page for the complete mechanics and updates on the promo.

Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 0147 series of 2013

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7 Responses to Kids, Gear Up for Bonakid Choco Boost’s Amazing Toy Adventure Promo!

  1. aeirin says:

    My niece loves bonakid too. Anyway, hope your kid will win the 60-second shopping spree.

  2. Oh, I got this too but I haven’t opened the package… I didn’t know there’s an instant GC inside!

  3. Pepper Tan says:

    This might be good for my daughter, as she is quite a picky eater. Bonakid may just give her the nutrition she lacks from the food she eats.

  4. Mommy Pehpot says:

    when we were sent a sample, my two boys liked it! and now they are asking for more Choco Boost for that 60 second shopping spree chance hahahaha

  5. JOY MENDIOLA says:

    ahh, this is what my kids are telling me they saw on tv. sabi ko, e di naman kayo nag bo-bona e. hehehe! sana padalhan din ako ng bona, ng matikman nila

  6. That is such a nice promo of Bonakid! Aside from the instant prize, there’s also a chance to win a bigger one.Good Luck to Justin!

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