Good Luck on Your Medallist Tests, Son!

Last January 17, I received a letter from Justin’s homeroom adviser telling me that my son is one of the candidates for the award in general excellence. In line with this, my son has to take 6 medallists tests for all his academic subjects starting today until Wednesday.

According to the Grade School Pupil Handbook, awards of general excellence are given to the top ten pupils in Kindergarten 2 who has a grade of 98 or above in all academic subjects in all trimesters, a grade of S or above in all the special subjects in all trimesters, and a grade of 86 (VS) or above in Conduct in all trimesters. Because he’s taking 6 subject medallist tests, I think he’s also a candidate for the subject area awards.

In preparation for the medallist tests, my son needed to review all skills learned from first to third trimesters. That was a lot of work for my son and this mom. I asked my son if we really needed to do this, and he said yes. He even told me: “I want to have a medal, Mommy, because I’ve never had a medal before.” I told my son that I’d help him get at least one medal, but he shouldn’t fret too much if he didn’t get any. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my son. Good luck, Justin!

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2 Responses to Good Luck on Your Medallist Tests, Son!

  1. janakidiary says:

    All the best of luck Justin and Congrats! 🙂

  2. orlan ilustre says:

    God bless you real good, Justin!

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