Why Are Blackboards Green, Mommy?

During our bedtime story-telling the other night, my 6-year-old son asked me a question after hearing the word “blackboard.”

Justin: Mommy, why is it called a blackboard when it’s colored green? It should be called a “greenboard” instead.

Mommy: Hmmm, good point! I’m not really sure why, Justin, but I’m going to research about that tomorrow.

Well, I forgot to do my online research yesterday because I was so busy, but hey, I did my job, and here’s what I found out:

According to whycenter.com, blackboards were initially colored black because they’re made of sheets of black or dark grey slate. They later changed the color of the board to green because it’s easy on the eyes; the color green relaxes eye muscles and prevents eye fatigue.

As to why they did not change the name “blackboard” to “greenboard,” some people say that the word “blackboard” stuck, while others believe that the name wasn’t changed anymore so as not to confuse people.

There! I learned something new today, all thanks to my son’s intriguing question.

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6 Responses to Why Are Blackboards Green, Mommy?

  1. janakidiary says:

    me too, i learned something today. thanks to a curious little boy 🙂

  2. Mys says:

    Wow! I learned something as well. Thank you Justin.

  3. mommy peach says:

    Good Job, mommy! Na-curious din tuloy ako sa sagot..hihihi

  4. Jennie says:

    Our children’s inquisitive minds often push us to research about stuff and we end up learning a trivia or two. 🙂

  5. Mommae says:

    Yan din yung reason na sinabi ni Kuya Kim sa It’s Showtime. Hehehe… I should prepare myself na din pag dumating na sa matanong age si baby boy ko. ^_^



  6. mommy peach says:

    dropping in again, tetcha!

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