Trip to Baguio

It’s confirmed. We will be going to Baguio this February to watch the Panagbenga Festival. It will be our son’s first time to see the beauty of the Summer Capital of the Philippines, while it will be our (hubby and I’s) second time to visit this place. The first time we were in Baguio was 14 years ago. We still didn’t have a digital camera then and this blog was still non-existent, so I wasn’t able to write about our 3-day, 2-night stay in Baguio.

I hope I won’t forget my camera this time, like what happened to me during the last blog event I attended. Our Baguio trip is also timely because we recently learned that the day we’re leaving for Baguio is the last day of my son’s third trimestral tests, so the timing is perfect! I will also make sure to bring travel necessities for kids and adults, pack lightly, and to bring bodywarmers for me and Justin and Patagonia men s jackets for hubby to protect us from the cold weather. We’re so looking forward to our Baguio trip.

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2 Responses to Trip to Baguio

  1. wow! youll visit baguio? were living near strawberry farm..super lamig n nga dito! btw..still using the ipanema flipflop prize got from you =)

  2. janakidiary says:

    they say Baguio is colder in Feb than in december. Better gear up for the weather. Enjoy your Baguio trip 🙂

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