Service Award: Tissot Watch

Last July 2012 marked my husband’s 10th year at the bank. During their office Christmas party, he was one of the recipients of this Classic Dream stainless steel Tissot watch. This was the bank’s way of recognizing the number of years that an employee has worked for their organization.

It’s really nice to know that there are employers who value their employees highly. I’m sure employees who receive service awards from their companies are motivated to go to work each day knowing that their employers care about them and recognize their contributions to the company.

This Tissot men’s watch is actually an early Christmas gift for my husband who is fond of watches, by the way. That’s the reason why I was looking at the galleries of Michael Kors watches a few months ago because I know that receiving a new watch to add to his collection would make him really happy. I guess he already got what he wanted.

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