Bitten by the Travel Bug

This morning after watching a local reality TV show that features Misibis Bay in Albay, the hubby is itching to travel again. Before he went to work, he spent some time on the internet checking out the hotel rates in this place. We already knew that a vacation here would cost us an arm and a leg because it is really a traveler’s haven. They wouldn’t call Misibis Bay a “luxury island playground” for nothing. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered in one of the best resorts in the Philippines?

Another place we love to visit is Paris in France. It would be fun and exciting to see the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral and The Louvre, among many others. I’m sure we will also enjoy a boat tour of the Seine River that allows tourists to see Paris’ most beautiful sights and attractions. We would also like to sample authentic French cuisine in some of the city’s best restaurants and to see what Paris nightlife has to offer. I have no idea how much luxury vacation rentals in Paris would cost, but nothing would stop us from dreaming about setting foot on the most romantic city in the world.

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