A Busy Christmas for Me

Today is the last day of Justin’s class, but they will still go to school on Tuesday next week for their class Christmas party. This means the little boy will have all the time in the world to play starting today, and this also means that this mom will have a two-week break from helping my son with school work and reviews for lessons/tests. Some me-time for me, finally!

Oh, but I haven’t done my Christmas shopping yet, and I still have to take my son to his pediatrician for a booster shot, to his ENT doctor for ear cleaning, and to his dentist because some of his teeth need fixing. And speaking of doctors, I hope none of them would ask him to lie down on a medical exam table because he hates that. Lying down to be examined by a doctor makes him feel helpless and scared. I’m just glad that his pediatrician always finds a way to make my son do as she instructs: she gives my son lollipops and small gifts. Lol!

So this means I’m still going to be very busy next week and the week after that! So there goes my me-time!

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2 Responses to A Busy Christmas for Me

  1. Aling Ana says:

    Same here, mum tetch!!!! Have a merry weeks to us!!

  2. Momee Gee says:

    Finally, a long holiday for moms!! hehehe I cant relate as of this moment. PEro soon. heheh Merry Christmas everyone!

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