K2-B Performance at LSGH Kinder 2 Family Day 2012

It was our first time to participate in LSGH’s annual Family Day activity last Saturday, November 17, 2012, so we actually didn’t know what to expect. Our 6-year-old son was so excited to go to school that day to see his classmates and teacher, to watch the magic show, to participate in the games, and to show us his dancing prowess. I always know that my son loves performing, and we were really looking forward to watching the boys’ cheering and dancing.

The program started at 1pm. All eyes were on the different Kinder 2 (K2) sections as they made their grand entrance into St. Benilde’s gym. It was a parade of colors and lights as the K2 boys lined up proudly wearing their Family Day shirts armed with brightly colored alien weapons and gadgets. One class even had their own marching band with Remo Drums and trumpets. The mood was very festive, and the boys’ respective families were also present to give moral support.

Our son belongs to Kinder 2 Section B. His Dad was able to record their class performance on video. He is the third boy in the second line of K2-B boys wearing violet Family Day shirts. We didn’t know what they’re going to dance, but he had been practicing Gangnam style at home before their Family Day. Look at how he enjoyed dancing with his classmates and dancing for the audience!

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  1. Shari says:

    Your son is so cute!! 🙂 Followed your blog!

    The Misty Mom

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