Our Furniture and Appliances Need Replacement

After four years since we moved to our 1-bedroom condo unit here in Ortigas, a lot of things in our home have changed. Our walls badly need repainting, our air conditioning unit requires a new remote control, we need new kitchen wares and a new electric fan and shoe cabinet, and last but not least, our dining chairs need to be fixed.

The last item in my list actually came as a surprise to me because we seldom use our dining table and chairs. That’s because we eat on the floor of our small living area almost all the time. This means our dining table and most of our dining chairs are not frequently used. Our dining table is hardly used for eating because it’s crowded with a lot of stuff, like our rice bin, our fruit tray, some medicines and the laptop that my husband and my 6-year-old son share. Right now, the seats of our dining chairs need new foam cushions and t-nuts.

I don’t have an estimate yet of how much we’re going to spend for all the furniture and appliances that need to be replaced in our house, but I’m hoping we will have the needed budget for all of these things before Christmas. Maintaining a home is really expensive. Sigh!

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2 Responses to Our Furniture and Appliances Need Replacement

  1. Mauie says:

    Try going to the Mandaue Foam showroom here in Cainta. It will just be a quick drive if you visit on a Sunday. Mura ang mga furniture dun. I even had our sofa custom made.

  2. zoan says:

    Speaking of new furnitures, our dining table needs a new glass top because it was broken when the househelp place a hot pot on it

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